Environment Pollution- Going Green

As we all know air pollution issues are a major concern for all of us who live and breathe on planet earth. If you're not concerned you should be. Many people don't have a clue how to help reduce air pollution they seem to think it's something beyond their control. Of course, this simply isn't true. We can help in little ways that take little to no effort on our part. A bit of modification in lifestyle perhaps, but not to worry, it won't make you give up things you can't do without. One major reason to care about air pollution issues is the damage it can do to your health. The really bad part is that diseases caused by air pollution don't show up sometimes for years, it sneaks up on you sort of like a silent killer.

Indoor Air Pollution

The worst of these is indoor air pollution for the simple fact that we breathe indoor air most of our waking hours and when we sleep. If we're not at home we have indoor jobs. There are few things you can do to help reduce air pollution indoors. They include: use of natural household cleaners as opposed to toxic chemicals such as bleach or ammonia, install carbon monoxide monitors and electronic air cleaner, paint with brushes not sprayers, vacuum often, let fresh air in, stop smoking, have good ventilation and buy more plants, which will supply good old fashion oxygen and remove toxins.

You can also reduce air pollution by conserving energy. Start by turning off lights when leaving the room. Invest in an energy efficient furnace with a programmable thermostat. Use a fan instead of air conditioning and dry clothes on a clothesline.

Outdoor Air Pollution

There is no way to avoid going outside, so at some point we will be exposed to outdoor air pollution. Just as we can help reduce indoor air pollution we can also reduce it outdoors. Try to not drive more than you have to and turn vehicle off soon as possible don't let it idle. Walk, ride a bike, car pool, use mass transit, avoid aerosol sprays, ease up on use of gas powered tools, recycle, plant trees, buy environmental friendly products and once again I will mention stop smoking.

Shop more online or by phone and make a list of errands to eliminate unnecessary second trips. Use cruise control when you can and keep vehicle tuned up, as well as tires inflated properly. Try to not stomp on the gas, but instead accelerate slowly on take off.

Health Effects of Air Pollution

Indoor and outdoor air pollution issues can affect our health in a bad way. Depending on how much you're exposed, it will affect some more than others. At times we have no control over it and other times we do. For example, when you choose to hang out in a smoke filled bar several nights a week you put yourself at higher level of exposure. One of the main health risks of air pollution is respiratory problems, especially from burning gas and wood. The lungs are damaged and the heart weakened. Air pollution is also known to cause birth defects and brain damage in babies and children.

Now is the time to do your part by making small changes here and there to help reduce air pollution problems. You can be the one that sets a good example for your kids and grand kids to follow, so that their kids and grand kids will have a safe and healthy environment in the future. It does and will make a difference we can change the world.