Recessed Lighting Cover

What Is Air Tight Recessed Lighting?

Used in both new construction and remodeling projects, air tight recessed lighting is a term used to describe a number of different lighting fittings and fixtures that increase the energy efficiency of recessed lighting cans.  Nothing provides the ambient and aesthetic beauty of flush mounted fixtures.  The versatility of recessed air tight recessed lighting makes them a great choice for general room light, accent pieces, and even ambient and mood setting.  The single most common complaint among recessed can owners is the fact that even though they are designed to use less energy, you will often see an increase in your heating and cooling bills after installing flush mount cans.  

This issue is not universal, and is usually exclusive to those who install recessed lighting cans into a ceiling that goes directly to an attic, or other uninsulated space.  Air seeps through the light’s baffle, and into the room causing the climate control to work overtime.  However, there is a solution to the problem, and it is by sealing your cans more adequately using either airtight recessed cans, air tight trims, or after installation products which insulate the can from the attic or open space.  

Energy Efficient Recessed Lighting:

There are several ways to attack the inefficiencies of recessed lighting fixtures.  Most require a direct replacement of the can or trim itself, however there are other alternatives that can be installed after the installation either by the contractor, or a DIY homeowner.  

Air Tight Recessed Cans - While most experts agree that replacing the can fixture itself will not be nearly as effective at reducing energy bills as changing out the trim, if you are putting in new fixtures anyway, it would be a good idea to match air tight fixtures with air tight trims.  If you are just trying to increase efficiency in fixtures that have already been installed, you could probably not justify the cost of new units against the energy savings.  

Airtight Recessed Can Trim - Replacing or requesting airtight recessed lighting trim is the most cost effective solution to increase the energy efficiency of your recessed light can.  Air tight recessed lighting trims can be purchased for many of the most popular lighting fixtures and there is usually the option of a normal or airtight version.  Replacing your recessed lighting trim doesn’t require tools or special skills other than an understanding of how the trims are inserted into the fixture.  Most air tight recessed lighting baffles use a double gasket system to seal the outside of the can to the ceiling and the inside of the can to the trim.  

Recessed Light Cover - The least effective, but cheapest option to increase energy efficiency are pieces of insulated plastic called light covers.  Flush light covers simply sit on top of the entire unit to help keep drafts from entering the fixture.  They still leave fairly large gaps in the seal, but for a simple and noticeable difference, almost anyone comfortable in the attic can install them.  

Although they create energy problems in certain applications, the benefits of flush mount lighting cans far outweigh the disadvantages.  The beauty and simplicity they provide is not matched by any other fixture.  By installing an air tight recessed lighting solution you can tip the scale by nearly eliminating most air leaks.