Effective and reliable air travel gear is an absolute necessity when it comes to airline travel and accesories, the right accessories transform your flight from just average to well rested and comfortable.

And let's face it, air travel can be stressful not just physically, but mentally as well. Having the proper air travel accessories while you travel is essential to be able to enjoy your flight while getting to your destination. Sadly, most people only travel with the things they think they need. This includes clothes for their destination, a laptop, toilitres and maybe a sweater or jacket for airplane comfort. But really, there are three things that are must haves when it comes to traveling on airplanes

The Top 3 Air Plane Accessories Needed:

1. Noise Canceling Headphones: Noise canceling headphones are typically used to allow for listening to an ipod or other mp3 or it can come in just the plain variety of noise canceling with no music ear phone intergration. Noise canceling is important especially on long flights when a traveller is trying to rest up because of changing time zones or even block out noises from loud travellers.

One of the best noise caceling heaphones for travelling is the Bose QuietComfort 15. What makes these headphones so great is not just its superior sound quaility that Bose is obviously known for, but the actual noise cancelling technology of the actual headphone device. Frankly its unparralled.

Bose has taken the QuietComfort line to the next level with the Bose QuietComfort 15. The noise canceling technology is found both on the inside of the ear cups as well as the outside, unlike many noise cancelling earphones and headphones. There is also a two pronged airline adapter. A few of the down sides, though there aren't many, is the fact that though the earcups contain soft cushions, they also create a suctioning that creates a feeling of pressure on the ears. Additionally as with most Bose devices and related travel gear, these headphones don't come cheaply. They retail at $299.00.

2. Air Travel blanket: Another air travel accessory absolutely necessary is an air travel blanket. The best air travel blanket, hands down would have to be the cashmere pashmina for women and a wide Cashmere scarf for men. It feels like a second skin and can also work double duty as a scarf when departing a plane particularly in cold temperatures. Cashmere is one of the premeire fabrics which not only aid in keeping the skin warm, but is also soft to the touch and is well regarded for keeping the body warm. So say goodbye to the itchy airplane blanket and hello to a air travel cashemere pashmina/scarf.

3. The Travel Pillow:

Travel Pillow(68894)

Should be absolutely apart of your essential travel kit. A travel pillow can provide for a restful airline flight as well as a comfortable one. When having neck pain consider a down travel pillow which can be well compressed in an airplane travel bag or with carryon luggage for your added convenience. One of the best airplane travel pillows would have to be Travel Pillow with 700 Fill Power Goose Down. This small plane pillow at 12x16 packs a powerful punch with 700 fill goose down. Additionally its wrapped in egyptian cotton which makes your airplane travel comfortable just as it would be at home.

When looking for the best travel products for air travel, gear that is both known for comfort and conveience is the best choice. Air travel can be stressful but having the right travel aids can make for a most enjoyable flying experience.