Are you a person who likes to travel on the cheap, if you are then you have probably found yourself airline tickets under 100 dollars many time before. This is because finding these cheap flights is easier than most people think. The quickest and easiest way to find them is by surfing the Internet. Obviously if you are wanting to fly to far away exotic destinations, then finding these types of flights for less than $100 is going to be impossible.

Airline Tickets Under 100 DollarsIf you are planning on traveling to nearer more local destinations, then you should have no problem at all finding yourself some cheap airline tickets for well under 100 dollars. If you are a US resident, then some of the best websites online for cheap airline tickets is CheapTickets & CheapFights. Both these websites are so quick and easy to use, and will find you page after page of discount flights for under $100.

We are living in an age were air travel has never been any cheaper. But this doesn't mean that all flights are going to be cheap. The time at which you book your flights is going to play a big part in how cheap you get your tickets. Each airline as different policies when it comes to pricing flights. One company might reduce the price of seats, should there be any seats unsold leading up to departure. Whilst other airlines may actually boost up the price as it gets closer to the departure date.

Speaking from my personal experience on finding cheap airline tickets, I find that you get much cheaper seats, with booking them last minute. But booking flights last minute, does have its disadvantages. For example you might leave it to the last minute and find out that all flights for your chosen destination have sold out. Finding bargain flights is all about shopping around and comparing prices before you jump in and book. Always remember as well to find out what the total cost of the flight is going to be, before you part with your hard earned cash. Some airlines have quite a few hidden extras that can quickly boost up the price of your discount flights.

If you are a UK resident, then one of the best places online for searching for cheap flights is Teletext holidays. Personally I am from the UK and I have used this website to bag myself lots of cheap flights. Only last month, I was able to book a flight to Dublin, Ireland for less than it would cost for me to get home from my local town in a taxi. Teletext holidays is a travel shopping bargain paradise, searching for flights is so quick and easy, all you need to do is quickly enter in a few of your details regarding your chosen flight and within seconds you will have page after page of cheap discounted flights staring back at you. If you are not using the Internet to find yourself cheap airline tickets, then you are losing out and are more than likely paying well over the odds for your flights.