Airplane Restrooms

Spread Sickness and Death

Airplane Restrooms- Spread Sickness and Death

Airplanes are not known for their sanitary nature. They cram together hundreds of people, stacked and packed as tightly as the airlines can manage. It is a breeding ground of sickness and disease; a miasma of germs and bacteria.

Airplanes are bad, but for the most part the attendents and the airline companies make an attempt at keeping the areas as clean as possible. The real bad area is the airplane bathroom. It is fairly common knowledge that a bathroom is something to be dealt with care, but most people do not realize how MUCH more care airplane bathroom needs.

Airline Bathroom Size

The small coffin like size of the airline restroom is one of the reasons for concern when it comes to airline lavatories. There is not much room to maneuver, so if someone has been sick they could have potentially been touching literally ANY surface.

Volume of Lavatory Users

Maybe people use airplane restrooms as a chance to get up and move, but for whatever the reason these small restrooms seem to be under a constant flow of people. Even assuming that the airline attendants give it an incredible cleaning at the start of every flight an average restroom may be used 30-50 times during a flight, spreading diseases from all around the world.

The Airline Water Tank

There has been a problem noted in several airlines fresh water tanks. They have found the presence of numerous germs, E coli and even fecal bacteria. This is bad. But hey, bottled water is still good, right. Sure, but when you go to the bathroom you are right back to the fresh water issue. What is the one thing that everyone has been taught to do when done. Wash your hands thoroughly when done. But on an airline, you may be washing your hands with water that is potentially more polluted than your hands. This can be quite a quandary. Thankfully, if you bring your own hand sanitizer, this issue can at least be averted.

The Flush

Anyone who has been in an airline lavatory has likely seen the powerful "flush" onboard these planes. It is so powerful it seems as if it could suck down small animals and children. There is an issue with though, this sudden high pressure blast inevitably send some small droplets of water flying around the area of toilet. Remember the water? Full of E-Coli and other germs, and of course possibly spreading around minute amount of fecal bacteria. Not a good thing in a small and cramped space.

The answer to the airline bathroom issue

The best answer is to simply avoid entering that zone of sickness if at all possible. Sometimes that is not possible, for that there are a few things that can be done.

1) Put s sanitary paper ring (if available) over the seat or toilet paer if not.

2) When flushing, put the seat cover down first to prevent the mist water from the strong suction from spreading.

3) Do not wash your hands with diseased airline water; bring your own hand sanitizer.

It may sound like this has been an overly grim and negative review of airline restrooms. To an extent it is. Perhaps even 95% of the time there may be nothing to worry about, but that remaining 5% holds some pretty nasty potential diseases including SARS and H1N1 that could be spread about. It is best to avoid the airplane bathroom entirely, when it is possible.