If you've ever thought about attending airplane mechanic school, you've actually made a great decision.

The hiring outlook for airplane mechanics in the next 10 years between 2012 – 2022 shows enormous growth.

Becoming an A&P mechanic, is not as involved as it used to be, in fact you can get your A&P mechanic's license in a year to 24 months, when 2 years used to be the industry norm. Luckily today, you can get your mechanic's license for A&P in about a year and in some programs, still have time to work.

Aviation School of Maintenance

Aviation maintenance programs typically provide training for instrument repair, power-plant and airframe technicians. An airplane mechanic's primary job function is to make sure that airplanes and their associated equipment work both efficiently and safely through the service, repair and overhaul functions which could include electrical systems, propellers, avionics, engines, airframes and hydraulic systems. Over the years, as avionics has become more advanced, so has their components. This is to say, that airplane mechanics are actually on the leading edge of technology particularly as the planes that fly today become so of the most advanced aircraft in recent history.

Getting an Airplane Mechanic's (FAA) License

One of the most important things to know is that an airline mechanic can be unlicensed or licensed. Of course the aircraft mechanic with a license has more of a career path in that you typically are allowed to work on the part of the aircraft in which you are rated or licensed. But it's also important to note that the mechanic who only works on transmitting equipment aboard and aircraft, doesn't have to be licensed. But in order to work on aircraft components like airframes, power plants (A&P) rating are allowed to only work on those specific parts.

Basically if you have the time, go with aircraft equipment ratings and FAA certification training because you will have the best path to advancing your career on special components like radios or instruments.

A&P Airplane Mechanic Training Options

    • Become an apprentice and start working at an airline or repair station. Be advised that this option typically takes longer to earn an A&P mechanic certificate and you also typically make less over a longer period of time. But you also don't have to pay high tuition fees for a typical airplane mechanic school.

    • Go to a an aircraft private FAA certified school or a public technical school. You will most likley need a high school diploma for either FAA school or technical school option.
    • Enlist in the military, typically the air-force offers training for aircraft mechanics. And when done with your military service, you can apply for a civilian aircraft mechanic job, without having to become an apprentice or even pay for technical school or attend an FAA certified private school.

    Airplane Mechanic Salary Outlook

    The average certified airplane mechanic with 10 years experience earns an average of about $40-45 an hour or around $75,000 or more a year. Of course your location and where you work will vary your salary as an aircraft mechanic.

    So there you have it, airplane mechanic school can be a viable option for almost anyone interested in aviation and the mechanics of an aircraft.