John F. Kennedy International Airport, or JFK, is located in Queens County, New York and is about 12 miles away from Lower Manhattan. JFK is the largest airport in the New York metropolitan airport system, run by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. The system included two other major international airports. These are the Newark Liberty International Airport and the LaGuardia International Airport. There are 90 different airlines that operate out of JFK. The airport is a central base of operations for JetBlue Airways and a major international hub for American Airlines as well as Delta Airlines.

Parking at John F. Kennedy International Airport is ample and generally convenient. Motorists looking for short term parking have five separate structures available to them that connect to all of the 8 passenger terminals at JFK. The short term parking lots are easy to navigate. Payment can be made via cash or credit/debit card. It is $3 for the first half hour, $6 for the first hour, and $3 for every half hour after that, with a maximum daily fee limit of $33.

Motorists looking for long term parking at JFK airport will find it in Parking Lots A, B and C. These are located on Lefferets Blvd., approximately 4 miles away from the main airport passenger terminals. From the long term parking lots, passengers can take the free airport shuttle service or the nearby AirTrain to get to the terminals. Long term parking costs $18 for the first 24 hours, and $6 for each additional 8-hour period after that.

If you would like to avoid the parking hassles and are simply looking to drop a passenger off, you can use the free and aptly named "Kiss & Fly" drop off zone at JFK International. You can pull up to the Kiss & Fly area and leave passengers right next to the AirTrain at Lefferts Blvd. Station. They can take the free AirTrain, and get to their designated terminal within minutes.

If you run out of luck and can't find long-term parking at the airport, you can park at one of the nearby, off-site airport parking lots and save a few bucks in the process. Prices for the off-site lots rage from about $14 to $19 and most of them provide free airport shuttle services.