Waiting in the Victoria Canada AirportCredit: GedsCredit: Geds

Direct flights are usually not the norm and you will need to resort to killing time at the airport. To reduce the cost of flying and to have more passengers in planes, airplane companies force you to have connecting flights. The results are that you have a connecting flight that is long enough to be bored but too short to go and visit the city you are in because airports are usually too far away from downtown.

Walk and Look around

Airport are becoming filled with shops and eating venues. Spending hours sitting on a plane is bad for your muscles and your blood flow. Stand up and walk around, make some mental notes about where you would like to eat, the shops that may interest you.

Relax and Stretch

In addition to walking around, find a spot where you will be away from the crowd and stretch. If you can, lie down to relax before your next flight. More and more airports offer massage. You should consider getting one because it will be worth your money if you feel sore.

Go On The Internet

Killing time at the airport has never been so easy with the wireless access that is free most of the time. You can connect your laptop, ipod or cellphone without difficulty to a wifi network. If you cannot find a free access, walk around to find a Starbucks or any other place that offers free wireless.

Most airports have free wireless but some require you to sign in using Facebook.

Listen to Music or Watch a Movie

This one is straight forward. Watching a movie will kill about 2 hours of your connecting time. It is simple if you have a computer with a selection of movies on it.

Shop without shopping

Walk around the shops and note the prices of the articles you want to buy. Chances are that they will be cheaper in your hometown shops. A good way to make sure of it is to go on the internet and check the prices. If you feel like you are making a good deal at the airport, go for it.


Are you coming back from vacation ? Have you had time to visit ? This may be the moment to write down your travel experience while it is still fresh in your mind. All the funny details are worth writing or even drawing. You can also set up a blog so you can share your experience with the world (or just your family if you make it private).


Another classic time killer is to read a book, a magazine or a newspaper. Depending on your level of focus, I would recommend to take an entertaining book that is easy to read or a magazine. Thinking is hard when the background noise can be distracting, except if you choose to go to the lounge.


Food in airport is becoming more diverse than ever. From the usual sandwich and burger stand to the healthy salad bars, you will find something that should fit your taste. You can even choose to get a dessert in another place and get what you really want.

The most important thing is that you have to make yourself as comfortable as you can. Time will go faster if you feel good.