We all love to fly when we travel to our holiday destination as it is so fast, the annoying part of the whole trip is time spent going through the airport travel security check in before we can leave.Since the advent of the terrorist scares, we know it is for our own benefit to keep us safe although we still become frustrated at time of check in.




There are several things that we can do ourselves to make this problem less harrowing to make going through the check in much smoother and quicker.




Before traveling anywhere by air check out the tsa.gov web site and see which items are safe to put in your carry on or checked luggage.Everyone needs to know what is acceptable and what is not; if you are prepared it will save yourself and others a lot of unnecessary wasted time.




Different countries have different rulings, so check the rules where you are leaving from and the ruling for your intended destination.This is important as you may be allowed into America or Australia with certain items, yet not allowed when leaving from an Indonesian or another country airport with the same items.This is your responsibility, it you do not research this then you cannot complain if something is taken from you.




Check when you receive your tickets:

·Make sure name on ticket is exactly same as on passport and have enough time left on passport before returning.




Check List before leaving home





·Confirm departure time- Always confirm these on day of departure as times may change due to weather or mechanical delays.

·Passport- make sure you have your passport

·Tickets-make sure you have all ticket in safe place with passports

·Check weight of luggage-Beware that it is not over weight as it could prove expensive

·Check weight of hand luggage- different airlines have different limits on hand luggage

·Milk and newspaper deliveries- Have you canceled these as you do not want to advertise that you are away.




Read all the do's and don'ts days before you are due to fly out. Organize transport and parking to the airport and make sure to arrive earlier than suggested.You never know when a traffic incident may cause disruptions to your plans and delay your arrival.













On arrival at Airport





Be prepared before checking in.Preparation is the key and this will reduce any further time delays.


Remove all metal products- do not embarrass yourself at the last minute by forgetting about those unseen body piercings. You will also need to remove all Jewelry, belt buckles, and loose change in coins and place in container before going through the x-ray.




Remove shoes – It may be a good idea to wear a comfortable slip on shoe which will make this process easier.




Liquids- Check with the security rulings on how much if any liquids you can carry as they can vary.




Mobile Phones- all need to be turned off before going on airlines




Clothing- wear appropriate clothing.Do not wear coats with large pockets as this may attract unwanted attention as to what you may be carrying or hiding in them.




Carryon luggage- normally you are allowed on carry bag and one personal item which could be a laptop, handbag, or camera.




Labels – Make sure to have all your baggage labeled with name and address.It could be a good idea to have your name inside as well in case the label comes off.This safeguards your baggage and enables it to be identified.




Drugs and medications - check what is allowable and what is not.Always carry medical proof with you that will verify your need to take the appropriate medication. Different countries have a variety of rulings.




Sporting goods- Many of these are not allowed as carry on but allowed as checked baggage




Scissors – I was surprised to see that these can be included in your carry on luggage although the blade needs to be less than four inches.




If you are thinking of flying somewhere nice then you need to follow these tips and have a great safe travel holiday.


Above all, be courteous at all times.Others may be having a bad day.Above all have a really great flight and enjoy your holiday.