Aisle runners for an outdoor wedding give you lots of options as compared to being indoors. However, if you're working in a larger space you also need to make big statements that will get noticed. If you want a romantic and traditional aisle runner for outdoor wedding use then consider rose petals. This can go on top of a cloth aisle runner. This ensures that you won't sink into the grass which is something you should consider with high heels. However, then you can also save money just by framing out the sides of the aisle with petals. Again, there are some drawbacks to this because then your guests will have to get to their seats from the other side.

Save on Your Aisle Runner for Wedding Use

Really embrace your garden theme and save money as well. You could get garden stakes that you can hang small pots from, or just fabric. You can also just go for oversized terra cotta pots full of flowers. This saves you money because you might be able to borrow them from friends. This will be the most casual feeling. Another option is candlelight, although you want to make sure that you aren't creating a fire hazard, especially if you have a long dress.

Try floating candles in oversized jars as seen from Martha Stewart. Another craft project that you can do is stenciling on a canvas runner. This can be the name and date of your wedding. You could also try out your new monogram or just write a poem on it. This changes up the typical fabric runner. It also allows you to go with a fabric runner that's a little bit more fun. There are also a few natural elements that you can go with.

For a beach vibe try an eco friendly bamboo runner, you might even be able to use it in your home later on. You can even find natural moss and grass runners. Just be aware that then you don't have anything protecting your dress from grass stains and you still have the shoe issue. However, it's perfect for an enchanted forest wedding theme, even if you're in the city. If you want a really practical version then go with PVC. Stay away from white or shiny fabrics that can look cheap and try to replicate linen. This is cost effective but will also protect your train from grass stains. It's not all just about the design of the piece. It's also important to make sure that this is still going to look good if it's raining. Consider weighing it down with large vases or even garden stakes.