So after a one month hiatus from publishing my monthly earnings report, article-style, I have decided to start them back up again. The reason I stopped was because a member here decided to spin at least one of my top performing articles and publish it on HubPages. I wasn't the only victim either. So in an effort to keep this from happening again, I thought maybe I shouldn't post anymore earnings updates.

Since that incident, however, I have been backlinking like crazy. I chose about 30 of my top (or potentially top) performing articles and added an immense amount of backlinks to them. Now I don't even care if someone wants to try and steal my hard work. Good luck getting it ranked past my article and any of the other similar articles I published on sites like HubPages, Snipsly, YouSayToo and Xomba to name a few. You steal my work now and it's just going to be a huge waste of time, and that's how I intended it to be.

If you are just finding out about my InfoBlog, I recommend taking a look at my previous articles and watching my progress to this point:

Just in case you don't feel like reading through them all, here is a chart to recap my monthly earnings from the time I joined until last month:

Previous Monthly Earnings (AdSense Only)
Month Articles Published Total Views Total Earnings
January 25 670 $0.61
February 74 2,695 $10.99
March 122 6,911 $26.32
April 142 9,007 $59.10
May 155 11,071 $90.24
June 180 7,790 $58.24
July 225 11,837 $107.59

My August Earnings

Now to what you all have been waiting for. I am SUPER excited to share my earnings from August with you all. It's one of the big reasons I decided to start the InfoBlog back up. August was by far my best month to date. Part of it had to do with adding about 1500 backlinks to roughly 30 articles during this month, but another major factor was the new AdSense layout that InfoBarrel added just a week ago. We now have a larger ad block at the top with a maximum of 4 ads shown, and also a skyscraper ad for all articles over 500 words. Luckily I've never even thought about writing an article less than 500 words so 100% of my articles have this new layout.

Before the layout was implemented, I was holding steady all month averaging about $5 per day, a little less than twice as much as July was making me which was about $2.90 per day. Every time I checked my "7 Day Earnings" on Adsense during August, it was between $28 and $30. That is, until the new ad layout came. It's been 7 full days now since the new ad layout and I checked my "7 Day Earnings" on Adsense and it said $73.51. That's more than double what I was making just last week. I still haven't figured out for sure if it's the new ad layout or all the backlinking I have been doing, but it's probably a combination of both.

Number of Articles
Articles Added 12
Total Published 233
Charity Articles -100
Total Articles I Make Money From 133

August Earnings
AdSense $195.81
Chitika $4.18
Amazon $9.27
Total Earnings $209.26

According to my stats, I am making $1.57 per article since I only have 133 articles that have my AdSense ID on them. I predicted I would make about $130 this month and I was on the path to achieve just that, but the last half of August really kicked up my earnings and now I am making between $10 and $13 every single day.

My prediction for September is $380.

Top 10 Highest Earning Articles in August
Article Title Views Earnings
Reception Desks for Sale 114 $8.05
Where to Get Cheap Osiris Shoes 250 $7.45
Where to Get Cheap Vans Shoes 1331 $6.99
Half Price Restaurant Gift Certificates Available to the Public 84 $6.14
School Desks for Sale 164 $5.44
Cheap Skateboard Shoes - Tips on Buying Discount Skate Shoes 612 $4.88
Good Paying Jobs for Retired People 147 $4.81
Osiris Footwear: Osiris Skateboard Shoes and Sneakers 325 $4.70
HD (High-Definition) Sunglasses Review 179 $4.20
Dog Cages for Sale - Used, Cheap, Large and Small 112 $3.70

Top 10 Articles with the Most Views in August
Article Title August Views Total Views
Where to Get Cheap Vans Shoes 1,331 2,915
Cheap Skateboard Shoes - Tips on Buying Discount Skate Shoes 612 3,514
Adio Footwear: Adio Skateboard Shoes and Sneakers 609 3,659
DC Footwear: DC Skateboard Shoes and Sneakers 508 6,269
Where to Buy Girls Osiris Shoes 457 2,441
Osiris Footwear: Osiris Skateboard Shoes and Sneakers 325 2,048
Globe Footwear: Globe Skateboard Shoes and Sneakers 323 2,936
Complete Element Skateboards for Sale 281 1,725
Where to Get Cheap Osiris Shoes 250 1,065
Where to Get Cheap DC Shoes 250 2,456

Top 10 Entrance Keywords
Keyword Query Occurences
Cheap Vans Shoes 177
Cheap DC Shoes 98
HD Sunglasses Review 85
Hypoglycemic Attack* 75
Cheap Vans 72
Cheap Osiris Shoes 61
How to Lucid Dream Tonight* 58
Jobs for Retired People 54
Discount Skate Shoes 49
Trestle Tables for Sale 44

*Keywords lead to charity articles

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this article because it took me well over an hour to These tables take a while to figure out but I think they are worth it.

My plan for September is to keep backlinking my top performing articles. I also plan to add about 20 more articles to InfoBarrel, but hopefully more like 30 or 40. Thanks for reading and good luck to all of you! I think with these new ad layouts, everyone is going to see a nice bump in earnings soon.