Ever since I began writing for InfoBarrel in January 2010, I have had a really good feeling about the earnings potential for my work. I have been keeping an extremely close eye on countless semantics and subtle aspects of online content writing ranging from SERPs, to SEO techniques, backlinks, promoting, and everything in between.

Needless to say, I have spent a lot more time than most people studying and researching all of this, when I could have spent that time writing more articles. However, my earnings have been consistently doubling every single month since I started here on InfoBarrel, so I'm okay with it; especially since I now have a wealth of knowledge and fun facts that can help other writers on this site when they have questions.

Anyway, even though I could have had a lot more articles written by now, my earnings are still pretty impressive. I think it's awesome when other writers like Ernie and jcmayer777 go out of there way to share their earnings with everyone, and I want to join in and hopefully give some of you a hefty dose of motivation to keep striving to reach your goal. Since I hit a great milestone of earning $100 in the month of May, I thought it would be the perfect time to start writing about my success.

From here on out, I will be publishing an "InfoBlog" every month to document my InfoBarrel earnings from AdSense, Chitika, and Amazon. With these InfoBlogs, other writers will hopefully read them and see that it is definitely possible to earn a decent side income from InfoBarrel!

Before I get started, I would like to recap my first 4 months here on InfoBarrel so you can get an idea of what it took to build up to my first $100 month.

1st Month - January (25 articles published)
Total Estimated Earnings ~ $2.00

2nd Month - February (74 articles published)
Total Estimated Earnings ~ $11.00

3rd Month - March (122 articles published)
Total Estimated Earnings ~ $26.00

4th Month - April (142 articles published)
Total Estimated Earnings ~ $60.00

As you can see, my earnings have been more than doubling each and every month. This is what I like to see :-)

Now for my May earnings...

148 articles published

AdSense ~ $90.00
Chitika ~ $22.00
Amazon ~ $3.00

Total Estimated May Earnings: $115.00

What makes these earnings even more impressive is the fact that I did not write any kind of new "money-makers" for the month of May as I was busy trying to raise enough money for my first month's rent by writing for Demand Studios and getting paid up-front.

I like how Ernie displays his top 5 earning articles as well as his top 5 articles for page views, so I will go ahead and jump on that wagon and do the same thing. I think it's pretty interesting to see which articles are doing best and I'm sure you feel the same.

Top 10 Earners for May

Top 10 Page Views for May

If you haven't noticed by now, my BBQ grill articles are really making some money! Even though only two of them are on my top 10 list for page views, you can plainly see the top 10 earners are overrun with BBQ grill articles. I don't know if that's just a great paying topic, or if my SEO skills were top-notch during the time of writing them. Whatever the reason, I don't care, just seeing clicks on them on a daily basis is good enough for me.

Here's to hoping my earnings keep doubling each month! I wish all InfoBarreler's out there good luck! Remember that unless you know some SEO techniques, the earnings do take a while to start manifesting. This is true with just about any revenue sharing website like this, but moreso with InfoBarrel because it's still relatively young.

The people who succeed in this industry are the ones who fight through the bad months and keep striving to reach there goals. If you quit, then of course you're going to fail. Keep writing and don't stress out about your earnings! The money will come in due time! Patience is virtue. Nothing in life worth having comes easy, remember that!