Well, I'm pretty late on this one, but I was more focused on pushing out more content for the beginning of this month, and I still have quite a bit left to go. It also doesn't help that I wasn't too overly enthused about my June earnings when compared to my May earnings. However, it wasn't all doom and gloom. I still made a decent amount of money, just not as much as before.

Let's get right to it, here are my earnings from June, and also a little comparison from May.


  • May: ~$22
  • June: ~$1
  • Difference: -2,200%


  • May: ~$90
  • June: ~$58
  • Difference: -36%


  • May: ~$3
  • June: ~$18
  • Difference: +600%

Total June Earnings: ~$77.00

Last Month: ~$115.00

Difference: -33%

See, now $77 is not bad at all. The thing that really irritated me was how Chitika has seemingly gone down the toilet. That is a MASSIVE drop in earnings when you look at that percentage. The sad thing is, I'm just one of tens of thousands of users from all over the internet experiencing the same issues.

As for AdSense, I haven't quite figured out what happened. For some reason I went from about 11,000 page impressions in May, to only a little less than 8,000 in June. I don't know if May was just a really good month, or if June was just a really bad month. So far, it's mid-July and I've already made as much as I did all June on AdSense, so I guess that June was just a really bad month.

My Amazon earnings look pretty impressive, and I appear to be doing better than most people. However, a few days into July, a person sent back two items that they bought through my affiliate link, so I was then docked about $4.40. As of right now, my July earnings still say -$4.40. That makes me feel like I'm in debt. Not a good feeling. I guess I just have to wait for a couple more sales to come in since they haven't taken it out of my previous earnings yet.

So it's wasn't the best month, but honestly all that does is motivate me to write even more. The thing with this industry is trends come and go, and in order to succeed and earn a consistent paycheck every month, you need to write on a wide range of topics to fill in those gaps when certain articles aren't getting searched for as often and thus not making you as much money. I suspect that May was such a high-traffic month because I have a lot of high-ranking BBQ grill articles that got a lot of searches probably because of Memorial Day and the beginning of summer. So to fix the problem, I have just started pumping out more articles. It's about halfway through July now and so far I've already written almost 50 articles since July 1.

I'll end this InfoBlog of mine with my list of the top 10 performing articles of June, separated by earnings and page views. Notice how almost none of my top earners even appear in the list with the most views. That's a testament to why certain topics are naturally more prone to getting clicks.

Note: The numbers to the right of the titles indicates where each one was ranked in May's top 10 list. On the second list I will also display the number of page views I got for each one in June.

Top 10 Earning Articles for June

  1. Barbeque Grill Parts for Cheap (#1 two months in a row)
  2. Discount Half Price Restaurant Gift Certificates (#4)
  3. HD (High-Definition) Sunglasses Review (#8)
  4. Where to Get Cheap Osiris Shoes (unranked)
  5. Where to Buy Kids Osiris Shoes (unranked)
  6. Outdoor Stainless Steel Cabinets (unranked)
  7. Top 3 Best Large Charcoal Grills (#6)
  8. The Best Cast Iron BBQ Grill (#5)
  9. Fire Magic Barbecue Grills and Grill Parts (unranked)
  10. BBQ Grills for Sale (#2)

Top 10 Articles with the Most Page Views for June

  1. DC Footwear: DC Skateboard Shoes and Sneakers (544) (#1 in May)
  2. Adio Footwear: Adio Skateboard Shoes and Sneakers (284) (unranked)
  3. Cheap Skateboard Shoes: Tips on Buying Discount Skate Shoes (276) (#4)
  4. Globe Footwear: Globe Skateboard Shoes and Sneakers (230) (#5)
  5. All About the Osiris NYC 83 Shoes (226) (#6)
  6. Osiris Footwear: Osiris Skateboard Shoes and Sneakers (205) (#7)
  7. Where to Get Cheap DC Shoes (191) (unranked)
  8. Where to Buy Girls Osiris Shoes (178) (unranked)
  9. The Best Cast Iron BBQ Grill (172) (#10)
  10. Complete Element Skateboards for Sale (163) (unranked)

Thanks for reading, and good luck to all of you!