Well September flew by pretty fast and once again I saw a nice increase in my InfoBarrel earnings. I spent most of the month focusing on new content but I also spent a fair amount of time continuing to backlink my top-performing articles as well as others that were not indexed properly in Google still. After adding the backlinks to those articles I finally started to see some organic traffic and clicks on some of the articles that were stagnant since July. I also started to earn a little more from HubPages and Snipsly so that helped out my overall earnings for the month.

In my past InfoBlog's I have kept adding more and more new stats. I started out these InfoBlog's in May with a few cool stats but every month I think of some more to post for you guys to enjoy. Last month I spent a lot of time making fancy tables to display the stats but this time around I realized how much easier it would be to just post screen shots, so that's mostly what I'll do at the end.

For you first-time readers, you might want to check out the months leading up to September to get a better idea of how I am progressing. Below is a table of basic stats from every month since I joined for AdSense only. Some of the month's are linked up to the actual InfoBlog for more information.

Month Articles Published Total Views Total Earnings
January 25 670 $0.61
February 74 2,695 $10.99
March 122 6,911


April 142 9,007 $59.10
May 155 11,071 $90.24
June 180 7,790 $58.24
July 225 11,837 $107.59
August 237 14,246 $164.89

In August, I actually made $195 in AdSense but it wasn't until now that I realized that only $164.89 of that came from InfoBarrel while the remaining $30 was from HubPages, Snipsly, Xomba, YouSayToo and possibly InfoPirate.

Now for September!

My September Earnings

If you check out my InfoBlog from last month, you will see I made a prediction for my September earnings. In the past most of my predictions were under what I actually made, so I tried to be kind of liberal with my September prediction. My prediction was that I would make a total of $380 in September. Let's see how close I was...

Number of Articles
Articles Added 21
Total Published 254
Charity Articles -100
Total Articles I Make Money From 154
August Earnings (IB Only)
AdSense $293.11
Chitika $16.78
Amazon $17.13
Total $327.02
Other August Earnings
Site # of Content Earnings
HubPages 21 Hubs $38.77
Snipsly 110 Snips $11.16
Xomba 150+ Bytes & Blurbs $1.55
YouSayToo ~25 Blogs $0.77
InfoPirate ~25 Bookmarks $1.16
Total ~340 pieces of content $53.41

There was also about $5 left over in AdSense that was unaccounted for. This $5 came from either InfoPirate or HubPages because I didn't have an InfoPirate channel set up all month and my HubPages channel went wacky for a couple of days.

Total AdSense Earnings from All Websites = $351.52

Add in the earnings from Chitika and Amazon = $33.91

So my Total Earnings for September were $385.43

I beat my prediction by about $5!! It also looks like I am making about $2.12 per article per month here on IB and my earnings virtually doubled from last month.

My Prediction for October is $500

Fun September Stats

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