Akismet Spam Plugin Review

It is absolutely amazing how people manage to find the comments section of a website and attack it with spam. Recently, I started my own website. Like many new websites built by owners it is a learning process and it is being built slow. The biggest focus is on making the site friendly to the eyes and then writing quality content that has sustenance and heart. The heart and intention of the website has to be palpable otherwise it loses my attention quickly and therefore likely that of my readers. The spam problem was like walking into a room full of cockroaches…I could not figure out where the heck they came from or how to get rid of them beyond clicking delete or the spam option under the comment section.

After doing a little bit of research for the best Word Press plugins, I found Akismet Stats Spam catcher. I was a little hesitant at first because I did not understand how this could actually catch the spam, but then I realized that every time someone clicks that spam button in WordPress then it is helping build the Akismet Spam list. In only a short time the Akismet spam catcher plugin has intercepted almost 150 spam comments. Askimet's positive spam identification on my site is at 98.54% and it has been less than one month.

Of course, with any website you want to attract traffic. Much of this has to do with writing quality content to attract users to come to your page and read the information. The attraction often happens by placing in the search engines. But, also many people like myself, will submit some of their pages to social media sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon, or put them out on Twitter. It appears that there are trolls who mine those places for new titles then bombard the sites with spam comments. People who are selling gold seem to be particularly popular. I know the price of gold is up, but I am sure not going to buy it from someone who is leaving me a broken English comment copied multiple times over.

I highly recommend using the Akismet spam catcher plugin for your Word Press blog or website. It catches spam that can potentially harm your computer or those of your site visitors. A few other spam related tips include using a CAPTCHA for leaving comments and use that spam button. Generic, unrelated comments on your site do not look good, so if you might be thinking "well at least it is a comment" you should stop. You are putting yourself and readers at risk. Using the Askimet Spam plugin will leave the discernment out of spam comment judging. Whenever you are in doubt that a comment is spam or not try this: highlight the first sentence or entire comment then go over to Google and input the data with quotation marks. You will know right away when you see this comment again and again on websites that are completely unrelated to your topic. This is a good way to check to make sure innocent real comments do not get thrown out as spam. The Askimet Spam plugin does give you the option to unmark a comment, so everything is not lost forever.

The Akismet Spam plugin is an invaluable tool.