Aladdin Travel Mug - Model Number: 10-00960-001

Aladdin Travel Mug


Keeps hot beverages - hot, and cold beverages - cold

Screw on top

Dishwasher safe

BPA free

Comfortable hold


Limited colors

Full Review

The Aladdin travel mug is a great product. It does exactly what it was designed to do, keeps cold drinks – cold, and hot drinks – hot. It has a smart look, and it feels comfortable in your hand. Aladdin travel mug has a secure screw on top for safety.

My husband wants his coffee hot and his iced tea cold. If I serve him coffee in a ceramic coffee cup, it gets cold before he finishes it. When iced tea is served in a glass, it sweats and drips. He asked me to please find him an insulated glass or mug that he could use while he enjoyed his favorite beverage.

He suggested that I use one of the insulated travel mugs that I had in the back of the cabinet for his beverage. The truth is, they were in the back of the cabinet because I do not want to use them since they must be hand washed. I prefer that all my dishes go through the dishwasher, and besides, I don't like to wash dishes.

He noticed when he purchased drinks out that his drinks in Styrofoam cups maintained their temperature. We bought some of these cups, and they did the job. This, however, was not a solution because of the damage to the environment and the now questionable effects of using these cups.

After much searching, I found the Aladdin insulated mug, which holds 16 ounces of your favorite drink. And not only is it dishwasher safe, it is also BPA free. What a fantastic find!

I purchased two of the Aladdin travel mugs, and my husband loved them. No more cold coffee and no dripping glasses. And to make my life even easier, I purchased two more of the mugs for him so even on days I do not run the dishwasher he has his favorite mugs. Since then, I have also purchased one for myself for when we travel.

The only problem with the Aladdin travel mug is the limited number of colors available to choose from. But the product is so good I can live with this.

In Closing

The only thing better than one Aladdin travel mug is five Aladdin travel mugs. We are so pleased with the Aladdin travel mug; we are now giving them for gifts.

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