Gaining access to Alaska cemetery records can provide a researcher with a wealth of information about their family history, about persons of historical note, and even about celebrities that may have their final resting place in this Northernmost American state.

Getting your research off to a good start can often be the first hurdle that is faced. Where do you start? What kind of information can your search yield?

Where To Start Your Search

If you reside in Alaska, or plan on visiting the state, then tracking down the Alaska cemetery records you’re after will be infinitely easier. However, there are other methods of tracking down the data that you are seeking.

Across the globe, and in remote oftentimes harsh areas like Alaska, many cemeteries have been razed in order to reuse the land or reuse the materials within the cemetery. The records for these cemeteries were often transferred to larger towns and catalogued within their own library of cemetery records.

A significant number of records have since been scanned and entered into an online accessible database managed by the state. An online search for the town or county you are interested in can help you to locate the records that are relevant to your project.

Calling cemeteries directly is often one of the best methods of getting information, if it is still available. Some cemeteries are more than happy to help provide information, while others may ask for a nominal fee or donation for their efforts.

Reaching out to city hall or other record keeping agencies can also help to guide you in the right direction towards the records that you’re seeking. With most of these agencies having an online presence, finding their contact information is as simple as a quick search in your web browser.

Another option is to join one of the many genealogy research websites. These websites can often prove to be a huge resource for someone who is unable to physically visit the places they are intent on researching.

What Kind Of Information Can You Uncover?

The type of information that the Alaska cemetery records you locate can yield will vary greatly based upon the year that you are researching and even the area that the cemetery was located in. While standards for record keeping have since been established, there are many instances in history where record keeping was less than stellar.

However, if you are fortunate, you may be able to uncover at least some of the following relevant records to help you with your research.

  • Name information like middle names and maiden names. You may also be able to find the names of your ancestor’s own parents, which can help to provide valued clues for the next step in your project.
  • Birth and death dates.
  • Cause of death, whether it was the result of an illness, natural causes, or an accident. Some people have even been able to uncover murder mysteries while researching their own family history.
  • The names of surviving family members are also very often listed, including their spouse and surviving children.

Records like Alaska cemetery records can uncover a wealth of information that can lead you into many interesting directions for your genealogy project. Just be sure to have a bit of patience, it can sometimes be a time-consuming and frustrating process.