When Hubby bought The Rolling Stones High Tide and Green Grass, it was a pleasant surprise for me. Out of the two of us, I was the biggest fan of the Rolling Stones, in my young days. Of course, I have moved on a great deal since then, but I still enjoy some of this band's old hits.

So was this album as good as I remembered it?

Of course, times have changed, and for many this compilation will be just too dated, but for me it still has its appeal. Released, originally, in late 1966, High Tide and Green Grass, certainly has some age.

The CD case insert has some nostalgic photographs of the Rolling Stones, including a fair few of guitarist Brian Jones. He was my favourite band member when I was a dumb teenager. Sadly, he died at a young age, in 1969, just a few months before my Dad died. This CD has Brian on all of the tracks.

The photograph on the rear of the CD was apparently the front cover of the American release, of the original LP. Vinyl to you youngsters. It is strange to see Keith Richards looking so fresh and young also, as I am so used to seeing him looking these days more as if he has just been dug up.

The CD has 12 tracks, which were all hits of the time, for the Stones, although if my memory serves me well (that statement brings back memories also, but you will need to be over 40 I should think) some were the B or Flip side of various singles.

The sixties was a period when the charts, and chart heroes, were important to the youth of the day and most teenagers had large record collections. I guess that is why I did not buy the original of this back in 1966. As a 14 year old, I had all the singles but my pocket money would not always stretch to the LP'S. If I already had the tracks, it would have been pointless. So, enough of this drivel and onto the tracks which are:

  • I can't get no satisfaction
  • The Last Time
  • As Tears Go By
  • Time is on My Side
  • It's all over now
  • Tell Me
  • 19th Nervous Breakdown
  • Heart of Stone
  • Get off my Cloud
  • Not Fade away
  • Good Times, Bad Ties
  • Play with Fire.

When I first looked down the list the only track I could not readily recall, and sing instantly, was Tell Me. I do not know if this claim is something good or something, which I should be pitied for. However, when I played the CD, Tell Me was actually a favourite of mine. It is quite basic and raw but for me, fab.

The CD Hubby bought has been re-mastered which I suppose helps the sound. After all, of these, the early Stone's offerings, which were usually mono recorded, can sound a bit rough. Still back then I had no such thing as a stereo, just my little Dansette record player, which needed a two shilling piece on the arm to play some records.

Looking back it certainly sounds an age ago, and so it was. After all, we are talking a different century. It is strange to think that the Stones are still recording and performing live.

I will not attempt to describe each track as, if you are a fan you will have heard them all before, and if your are not it will not make sense to you. If you like early sixties pop rock though you should love it.

I will say that the re-mastering has taken the rough edge off the sound without spoiling the original quality. The tracks are all classics in their own way. 'As tears go by' is sad and fairly slow with violins and an orchestra. This track was a hit for Marianne Faithful who, at the time, was Mick Jagger's girlfriend. 'Play with Fire' is another slow, sentimental track. Most of the other tracks though are upbeat in true rocking Stones mode.

The tracks are the pop music of 1966.

Some have R and B roots, but not what is termed R and B these days. They come from the sounds of people like Chuck Berry and B B King. Eight of the tracks are compositions of Jagger and Richards, and I think that their writing talents are often underrated. They were missed, with Lennon and McCartney being so highly acclaimed.

Looking at the front cover, in some ways, it is hard to see what shocked parents so much about the Stones, and in other ways I can still see why they did. However, for young Stones fans, all those years ago, the shock value was part of the attraction. Listening to this CD though makes me realise that the music was great also.

Recommended for Stones fans, those on a nostalgia trip and those looking for classic sixties pop rock. Now if you will excuse me I feel a bit of singing and dancing coming on to 'It's all over now'