Cheap Truck Wheels:

Alcoa Dually Wheels
Alcoa dually wheels are among thousands of cheap truck wheels out there on the market for making it extremely difficult to decide which brand is the best.  When it comes to customizing your dually, you don’t want to overspend, but you also don’t want to skimp on something as important as your wheels.  Specifically if you use your truck regularly for heavy loads and hauling, you don’t want to “downgrade” truck wheel quality when customizing your truck.  Alcoa dually wheels are not only some of the most reasonably priced wheels on the market, but they also have a limited lifetime warranty on the structure of the rim up to the class leading 3200lbs weight.  

Truck Tire Rims:

Truck tire rims can be made in many different types of materials and a nearly unlimited amount of styles, sizes, and even colors.  The two major types of wheel construction, and there are advantages and disadvantages to each.  The most common wheel types are:

Steel Dually Wheel - There are a few advantages of steel dually wheels, but no none is more impressive than their cost advantage over aluminum alloys.  If you are looking for a cheap way to replace a damaged truck tire rim, then steel is most likely your best choice.  They also have a slight advantage over “cheap” alloys because they are stronger and less porous (meaning they leak less)  However, any reputable aluminum alloy rim such as Alcoa dually wheels are actually designed to be stronger than steel.  

Aluminum Alloy Wheel - If you have even just a little bit more money to spend, aluminum alloy wheels provide the best combination of weight, style, performance, strength, and price.  All of Alcoa dually wheels are made with one solid piece of aluminum alloy so they are lightweight and stronger than steel.  Alloy rims dissipate heat much faster than steel which makes them less prone to cracking.  In addition, the manufacturing process of aluminum dually wheels gives you the most creative flexibility to choose a rim that looks best on your truck.

Alcoa Dually Wheels:

A brightly polished Alcoa dually wheel on your struck will make it pop out in an environment where other trucks blend in, like a construction site.  Alcoa manufactures the strongest, and most precise cut wheels available giving you greater strength and balance when hauling heavy leads.  Additionally, their extremely lightweight design will increase truck performance noticeably. Alcoa rims are available in 16” and 17” sizes and come with a lifetime limited structural warranty.  

Adding appropriately sized truck tire rims to your dually will not only enhance the look of your vehicle today, but will also increase the resell value when you are ready to trade it in down the road.  Overdoing it, or over customizing your vehicle can actually hurt the value of your truck, but the classic styling of Alcoa dually wheels will subtly attract buyers of all types.  Alcoa rims can be special ordered from your local tire shop, or you can find great tire and wheel deals online on authority sites like