When it comes to high blood preasure, here's what consumers of alcohol should know. Alcohol definitely has an affect on your blood pressure and you need to understand why.

You also need to know how much is OK and how much is too much. And you may be interested in exactly what happens when you drink alcohol that causes your blood pressure to change. By reading this, you will be a better informed drinker and benefit from this knowledge.

Alcohol definitely affects your blood pressure. While a little has been shown to help, a lot is very bad and will lead to high blood pressure over time. Excessive alcohol consumption inhibits the ability of your body to utilize calcium and magnesium which are needed to keep your blood pressure low. Excessive alcohol also causes weight gain in most people which leads to high blood pressure too. Now that you know a bit about the negative affects of too much, let's talk about moderation.

How much is too much. Well, that depends a lot on the individual and some people with certain health issues or risk factors shouldn't consume alcohol at all. But some studies have shown that small amounts of alcohol can actually lower blood pressure in some people. The general rule is no more than one drink per day for a female and no more than 2 drinks a day for a male. But that's not all, you also need to know what specifically happens to your body to raise blood pressure.

So what happens if you keep drinking too much? Well, the long term affects of alcohol will take their toll and you'll experience first hand the combo of excess alcohol and high blood pressure. You will cause damage to your organs, especially the liver. And the weight gain as a result of too much drink will stress all of your organs and lead to high blood pressure as well.

Now that you understand the connection between excessive alcohol and high blood preasure, you'll no doubt seriously consider a life of moderate drinking. You now know what excess drinking does to the body, what generally accepted safe amounts are for men and woman and how alcohol can directly and indirectly raise your blood pressure. So put this information to use and you'll be able to wisely drink in moderation and avoid the danger that too much alcohol brings with it.