Nowadays, most alcoholics use drinking as a way of escaping from the reality of daily lives such as social pressures, work demands, lack of self-esteem, or stress. Although, it may work for a few days, this does not take away the problem but only reinforces dependence on alcohol. This can be quite a problem among potential addicts with a family history of addiction or alcohol dependence.

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Alcohol addiction is a common problem in our society and is responsible for causing social and health problems to addict. In fact, it is the most commonly abuse drug in the world leading to addiction.  Although it has harmful physiological consequences to the body, addicts can find help to recover from addiction by going for alcohol counselling.

Basically, this form of counselling focuses on helping individuals who have considerable drinking problems such as drinking heavily, alcohol related problems, and alcohol dependence. These aspects are not only harmful to the health but also to the social relationships and work engagements of the addict.  If not handled properly, addiction can lead to depression which is an equally devastating condition.

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Although it can be quite daunting to embark on alcohol withdrawal program, the addict can kick the habit with the support and guidance of alcohol counsellors. Therefore, acknowledging that one has a drinking problem actually precedes therapy and counselling of addicts. This could be through disclosure to a close friend or any understanding member of the family.

Besides making a disclosure, alcohol counselling will help the alcoholic kick the habit and find meaningful ways to cope with social pressures and stress in general. Therefore, it is important to check into a rehab and talk with a counsellor who can help you enrol for alcohol counselling and if necessary counselling. This will help the addict understand pertinent issues appertaining to addiction and find ways of managing the.

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Individuals who undergo alcoholic counselling also undergo cognitive behavior therapy to break the thinking patterns which is partly responsible for holding them captives to alcoholism. This form of therapy actually helps addicts to change their irrational views and take decisive steps to overcome or address the problem of alcohol addiction with the proper facts. The good thing about this form of counselling is that it addresses the ingrained underling issues which may include depression and past trauma.

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However, in serious conditions, alcoholic counselling may be combined with detoxification to remove excess alcohol from the circulatory system. There are several alcohol counselling associations and self-help groups for addicts who want to quit drinking such as Alcoholics anonymous with a wide reach in many countries. So, if you want mutual support then you should consider joining these groups as you proceed with the alcohol counselling program.


In conclusion, alcohol counselling is recommended for alcoholics who have become hopelessly addicted to drinking alcohol and find it difficult to withdraw completely from drinking. It helps the addict to take decisive steps to overcome the problem and also cope with underlying issues. Addicts can seek the support of alcoholics anonymous to maintain their commitment to abstain from drinking.