Drinking alcohol is very dangerous to both yours and your infant's health during pregnancy. There are many factors that put your little one at risk. Treat your infant with the respect they deserve and keep the alcohol out of their little bodies.
Alcohol affects your infant by causing your infant to be small. If your infant is too small, it could jeopardize his life and cause many developmental problems. The baby may have problems eating and sleeping due to the amount of alcohol in its system. Alcohol may also cause your baby to have problems following directions and doing simple tasks that they should be able to do at their age. Since they may have problems paying attention, they may have a difficult time in school and may get frustrated if they cannot learn as fast as the other kids. This may cause them to have trouble getting along with other kids at school. Moms that drink alcohol during their pregnancy may have kids that might need medical care for the rest of their life since it causes so many developmental problems.
Giving up alcohol seems like a tough thing to do especially if you depend on it. You can give up alcohol if you really want to and try. When giving up alcohol you should avoid situations where alcohol is served. Parties and bard are most likely the places that you used to go. Try going roller skating with a friend, or out to the movies. There are plenty of things you can do instead of hanging out at the bars. It may be fun to have a game night at your house. Serve ice cream sundaes instead of serving alcohol. Not only is it helpful for you, but it also allows your friends to drive home without the worry of getting a drunk driving ticket or causing a fatal accident. Ask your health care provider about alcohol treatment programs. There is help out there and the only way to find it is to ask. These programs may greatly help you as there are others in the group with the same problem as you. Ask your partner, family and friends to help keep you away from alcohol. Keeping the alcohol out of the house will definitely help you quit using alcohol.

Facts of children whose mom's drank alcohol:
95% of kids will have mental health problems
60% will experience trouble with the law (crime and violence
60% will have a tough school experience and learning problems
50% will show inappropriate sexual behavior
55% will be in prison or in a mental institution for drugs and alcohol

It is proven that:
50% of males and 70% of females have alcohol problems and most drink because of stress at work, with family or friends
80% will not be able to live alone and will always need care
70% will have problems getting jobs in the future

As you can see, drinking an excessive amount of alcohol is dangerous in many ways. Even if you aren't pregnant it is helpful for your health to stop drinking. The sooner you quit the quicker you can get the poison out of your system.