The calories in mixed drinks often pose a major dilemma for people who enjoy their alcoholic mixed drinks, but want to watch their figure and keep in at least relatively good shape. Many cocktails are very high in calories, not only from the hard liquor but also from many of the high calorie mixers that are often used with these drinks. Whiskey has a good number of calories in it even before adding the extra sugar and calories that comes with coke. Many popular "tropical" cocktails are even worse as they have huge amounts of sugar and calories.

Some of the worst cocktails for the diet include anything with egg nog (take a look at the calories that drink packs even before adding alcohol), margaritas, hot buttered rum, mud slides, and some versions of the White Russian. Depending how they're made, there are pina coladas and margaritas that can end up with almost as many calories as a Big Mac. It's hard to believe, but depending on where you are and how big the drinks are made, this can be true.

If you're looking for low alcohol drinks that aren't going to completely destroy the diet, stay away from all the frozen drinks, the sugary tropical drinks, and anything that gets a heavy amount of juice or soda. While this might seem to eliminate a lot of the favorites, there are usually some great alternatives that can be put in. For example, a rum and coke is not a great idea, but you can switch a coke out with a diet coke to eliminate up to 70 or even 100 calories per drink. If you have a big night, that can really add up after several drinks.

Many martinis are lower calorie mixed drinks compared to the sugary or more syrupy cocktails, and it's not hard to look around online and find drink combinations that will minimize the damage. Mojitos and Bloody Marys are popular cocktails that traditionally are lower in calories than many of the alternatives available at the bar. There is no such thing as a diet alcoholic drink, but for people who want less calories but don't want to cut down on the good times, there are options that are a lot better than ever.

Look for alcoholic drinks that use diet coke if they have soda, or crystal lite as opposed to actual juice which can have heavy sugars and hidden calories. Many "modern" mixed drinks using energy drinks are extremely high in calories, and should be avoided. Do this, and you'll be enjoying the benefits of low alcoholic drinks as opposed to the normal gut busters.