Aldi Special Offers this week include an electric chain saw for $39.95 and an electric blower vac for clearing those leaves off the yard at $34.95, both available from Thursday 6th October, until stocks run out. Be there early, especially if you want the chain saw or blower vac, because at these bargain prices they are going to fly out of the door.

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Aldi Special Offer Electric Chain Saw-$39.95

The electric chain saw is perfect for cutting timber for firewood, a job that is hard work using a handsaw. It will also make the perfect early Christmas present for yourself or for a friend.

Electric chain saws are much quieter and less polluting than petrol ones. They are OFF unless actually making the cut. The chain and bar are narrower, so fewer wood chips are produced. The Aldi model on offer this week is a 10 amp model, with a 14 inch chain bar, so it has plenty of power for the domestic user.

It is self-oiling, so you never need to worry about the chain seizing up from lack of oil, just keep the reservoir topped up. Buy special biodegradable chain-saw oil because some of the oil is lost as a very fine spray over your yard when the chain moves so quickly.

Aldi Special Offer Garden Blower Vac-$34.95

If you are sick of raking leaves off your yard the hard way, then consider Aldi's other special gardening offer, the Blower Vac. This is also very powerful at 10 amps. Air speed is quoted at 140 or 225 mph, switchable between the two speeds.

Use it as a blower to "brush" the leaves together, then sweep them up by hand, or use it as a vac to suck up the leaves as you go.

Put the leaves into a compost bin until next year and use as a mulch.

Other Aldi Gardening Special Offers

Loppers/Mini Shears Set-$7.99

The long-handled loppers are perfect for late fall pruning of thick stems from and small tree branches. The long handles give you more leverage and makes them easier to use than ordinary secateurs.

The Mini Shears are designed for cutting back shrubs such as lavender anf small-leaved honeysuckles. They can be used on-handed.

Expandable Garden Bag-$6.99

The bag collapses flat for storage. Ideal for collecting leaves this fall. Not very strong, but sometimes size is what you need. It has a capacity of 32 gallons and stands 25 inches high.

Telescopic Rake-$3.99

It extends to 63 inches and has an aluminium handle that will never rust.

Telescopic Broom-$3.99

The Broom extends to 57 inches. It has plastic bristles so it can be used to sweep your yard whether fallen leaves are wet or dry

These are just this week's special offers in Aldi's American Stores, there may be some offers left over from last week in some stores. Aldi has revolutionized the way we shop for the essentials for home and garden, increasing downward pressure on other prices wherever there is an Aldo store in the neighborhood.

This article will be updated every week with Aldi's current special gardening offers, so be sure to bookmark it so you can find it again.