Aldi ® has a new computer offer on Thursday 16th December 2010. It is for an all in one PC. In Ireland it costs €699.99 and in UK £599.99.

This machine is perfect for a teenaged son's or daughter's bedroom in that it includes a TV tuner and 1TB (1000MB) hard disk that can be used to record TV programmes.

Please Note that this article has no official connection with, nor is it endorsed by Aldi® or Medion Computers®

All-in-one PCs have all the hardware such as hard drive, motherboard and processors tucked away behind the monitor. They are extremely useful where space is limited. They make an excellent alternative to a laptop, where portability and lightweight are not essential.

The Aldi ® All-in-one PC comes with a 21.5 inch touch screen as well as a keyboard and mouse. It has a built in web-cam and DVD player that will burn DVDs as well.

AS far as specifications it seems pretty basic, with no separate graphics card and an adequate but nothing to get excited about processor.

Aldi® have new Medion® Akoya® Computer offers available every few months. Their most recent one was on Sunday 7th November 2010. In Ireland this cost €449.99 including VAT.

Those prices usually include the computer base station, which is a tower unit, as well as a keyboard and mouse. You would need to buy a separate monitor, or use one you already own.

Generally. Aldi ® computers are excellent general purpose PCs. They do most tasks well, but complex tasks such as video editing and listening to music require separate internal hardware (cards) to be fitted. Aldi® does not offer PC customisation and what you see on the box is what you get, though fitting a all singing and dancing video or sound card is a very simple job.

Medion® and Aldi® keep the base station price down by using generic components and by buying and manufacturing thousands of identical units. They are guaranteed to sell out on the first day on sale, so there is a minimum stock holding cost. There is no bundled software, but then most bundled software programs are just a waste of time anyway.

You can download Open Office from for free, and many people prefer the look of this to the latest Microsoft Office Suite®. Open Office wordprocessing and spreadsheet programs will open the equivalent Microsoft® Word® and Excel® files.

The only must have software that you would need to install is a firewall and virus-checking program, but you probably already have an annual subscription to one program or another and you can just re-install it into your new Aldi ® PC base station.

The November Special computer base station has everything that 90% of users will ever need. It includes Windows 7 Home Premium® , which is the version most people would choose. It has plenty of memory (3GB) and a fast, but basic, processor, (3.0GHz Intel E5700); this is a dual-core processor that has only just come onto the market. It also has a 1000GB hard drive (1 Terrabyte, 1TB) and wireless LAN 802.11n

There is just one complementary purchase you might make at the time of purchase, which is an external hard drive unit that slots into a recess on top of the Medion® base unit.

An external hard drive is always a good idea to back up photos and similar irreplaceable files. Most people keep their computer until the hard disk fails, and when it does fail, which it will at some point, all the data, photos, files, passwords and anything else stored on the hard drive is lost. An external drive enables you to back up your files easily, so you are more likely to backup frequently.

These Aldi® Special Buy Computers sell out very quickly and you will need to be at the front of the queue when your local shop opens on Sunday to have a chance of buying one. Each shop uaually only gets five or six computers and they are sold on a first come, first served basis.