Are you sick and tired of renting and delivering up your hard earned hard cash to line the pockets’ of someone else every month? And, do you think that there is no way you can find the money for a home of your own? You need to know that first time home buyer grants can change all of this. The fact of the matter is that for those who qualify it is entirely possible to have the government cover the entire down payment for their home purchase. And believe it or not, the new mortgage payment will very likely be lower than the amount that you used to put out for rent. So, keep reading!

Right now is the best time to stop thinking about investing in real estate and start doing something about it. The housing market is bottoming out and although there are still tons of opportunities for home buyers to get a fantastic deal these deals will not be around forever. The current situation is that those people unfortunate enough to have lost their homes to foreclosure have to find housing and they are renting. The rental market is becoming more and more crowded as more and more people are forced to leave their homes, this translates to higher rents. House and apartment rents are continuing to rise however; property-purchasing fees are decreasing. This is the best time for you to take advantage of the housing market. This is your chance to get into a home.

In addition to the advantage of a buyer’s home market, as a home buyer you benefit from the fact that the government needs people to start buying homes again. The recovery of the economy depends on it and to enable this to happen so the government is providing incentives in the form of grants to qualified home buyers. This could be you. There is a fund of over eighty billion dollars in federal grant money each year that the government must give away – you need to find out if you qualify.

Strike now while the iron is still hot. Remember, now is the time to buy. In many cases, the price to buy a home is lower than the actual value of the home, this gives you instant equity. You get an instant head start. But, this will situation will not continue indefinitely. You just need to decide to change your situation, move from renting to owing. Instead of watching your money disappear into someone else’s bank account each month start building equity for yourself. And, you will likely even end up saving yourself money each and every month.

Take the first step today. Visit a mortgage lender near you and find out where you stand.