Having finally decided to take that Berlin holiday, you will surely be busy planning and preparing for your visit to this historic capital city. Offering an enormous amount with regards to history, culture, art, architecture, restaurants, nightlife, plus so much more, Berlin will offer you more than you can possibly take in during your short term Berlin holiday. In this article, I will be presenting you with a glimpse into a famous site within the city center, which you may like to consider visiting while in Berlin.

Alexanderplatz in Berlin is quite a famous square located directly in the city center and it offers a glimpse into the still recent history of what was previously East Germany. Situated close by to the Fernsehturm, which is the second tallest structure in Europe, Alexanderplatz is a central square and transportation hub within the Mitte district of Berlin. Having originally been named in honor of the Russian emperor Alexander I, who visited the city on October 25, 1805, Alexanderplatz has undergone many renovations and transformations over the years.

Originally a cattle market, Alexanderplatz in Berlin increased in importance and popularity with the opening of a train station towards the end of the 19th century, as well as with the construction of the department store Hermann Tietz , which helped to turn it into a popular commercial center. Over the years, Alexanderplatz, together with Potzdamer Platz, became a focal point for Berlin nightlife, most notably during the 1920´s. During the 1960´s the square was enlarged as part of the East German government´s redevelopment plans and on November 4, 1989 Alexanderplatz was home to the largest ever peaceful demonstration in the history of the former Eastern republic.

Known by Berliners simply as Alex, Alexanderplatz Berlin is definitely worth a visit where you can still feel the atmosphere of what is was like to live in the former East. Attractions such as the Brunnen der Völkerfreundschaft, or Fountain of Friendship Between Peoples, the grayish atmosphere of the surrounding buildings and square, along with the incredible amount of graffiti help to reinforce the former East´s social character in this part of Berlin. In and around Alexanderplatz, one can also find the immense department store of the Kaufhof Berlin, the Rotes Rathaus, which is the traditional seat of the Berlin city government, the World Time Clock, as well as the tallest hotel building in Berlin, Park Inn Berlin.

As Alexanderplatz is located in the central Mitte district of the city, you may want to consider residing in apartments in Berlin near to this public square, as you will surely be guaranteed an excellent location that is well communicated to the rest of the city. Even if you prefer to perhaps look for apartments in Berlin within other districts of the city, you ought to keep Alexanderplatz in mind, as I really think you will enjoy stopping by this, as well as the other nearby attractions, which I listed above. Please check back soon, as I will continue to explore this amazing capital city and all it has to offer. Until next time!