Is there a young one in your midst imagining a fabulous Alice in Wonderland theme party for her birthday? Or are you dreaming of an Alice themed party for Halloween? Then, you'll need the right Alice in Wonderland party supplies to make your dream into reality. Here you'll discover some wonderful Alice in Wonderland party ideas, along with a checklist of the essential party supplies you need to help you cook up the best event possible.

An Alice In Wonderland Theme Party: Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Lil Alice In Wonderland Girl's Costume

Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll's famous book, has inspired generations of children and adults with its lineup of imaginative (and sometimes downright crazy) characters. From The Mad Hatter's antics to the Cheshire Cat's mischievousness grin, this is a special kind of dreamland that is a lot of fun to read about, and even more fun to bring to life.

Imagine a theme party where Alice and her supporting cast of characters jump from the page (or the movie screen) right into your home. It's certainly a wondrous party idea, and one that a little girl will never forget. It's perfect for that surprise birthday theme party that friends and family alike will love.

An Alice in Wonderland theme party also makes for a wickedly fun Halloween themed event! It's one that can be adapted to either kids or adults, so there's a lot of room to use your imagination in the creation. It can feel etherial to devilish, and everything in between!

Alice In Wonderland Party Supplies: The Essentials Checklist

No matter what, to bring your theme party to life, you need party supplies that match the Alice theme and help liven up the event. The list of amazing Alice in Wonderland party supplies is quite large, but below is a checklist of some of the essentials you need to help make the event a success.

An Alice in Wonderland costume

This theme is so fun and over the top that you're going to want to play dress up for it. There are dozens of costume choices from which you can choose. For a birthday girl, an Alice costume is as close to a must as can be! Other favorites include The Mad Hatter, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, the March Hare, and of course the Red Queen. During Halloween this can be especially fun as everyone will have their take on their favorite characters.

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Alice in Wonderland invitations

What would an Alice party be without an invitation? Just like the Mad Hatter with his tea party, you need to entice your guests with the right invite to tweak their curiosity. Your invite is that special moment before the big day when you can plant the seeds of excitement, so make sure you write something fun (and Alice-like) in the inside!

Card suit tableware9 Inch Card Night Plates

This tableware plays up the card themes within Alice, as it's reminiscent of the Red Queen's card army. Using paper plates, napkins, and table runners that follow suit (no pun intended) is a smart move. Remember, the table is your gathering place, especially for an Alice theme where food and drink are so very important.

Alice in Wonderland tea party set

For the younger crowd, a tea party set themed to the book is a great way to begin the party socializing! The kids can feel like they are at the Mad Hatter's tea party. You can even serve finger foods that are labeled with toothpick flags that say "Eat this" to bring the theme to life.

Alice and Mad Hatter life-sized cardboard stand-ups

What a great way to impress those attending your bash. A life-sized stand-up feels like something you'd see only at a movie theater. For the kids, they make for great photo opportunities. And for the adults, they are excellent to place around the home to mark rooms with different Alice themes. Perhaps a Mad Hatter room filled with crazy drinks or an Alice room with a wide variety of cakes and other goodies.

Alice in Wonderland drink stirrers, toothpick flags, and other food and beverage supplies

Drink Me Party Straws (White) Party Accessory

Again, the food and drink themes within Lewis Carroll's book should be a big part of your party. It's important to be creative with them. A great start is with things like "Drink this" drink straws or the above-mentioned toothpick flags. There's many more out there, so have fun with this aspect of the theme!

An Alice cake

Of course no Alice party, for kids or adults, would be complete without a themed cake. It's such a big piece of the story, so make a big deal of it too. There are many themed cake tins which you can use to bake your own Alice or choose an Alice in Wonderland cake topper if you've got a certain type of cake already in mind.

Sometimes I Believe in as many as Six Impossible things before Breakfast cute Wall art Wall sayings quote

Alice in Wonderland wall stickers

Wall stickers are always fun for the children's parties. You can turn your walls into themed story boards from the book! How about having the children entering a room with a Cheshire Cat lounging on the door? Or maybe a famous quote from the book to get the party goers in the mood?

Alice in Wonderland party favors

No child should go home empty-handed from a theme party! Finding just the right party favor is a must. For an Alice party, there's many to choose from. Perhaps some themed stickers or a deck of Alice in Wonderland playing cards. You could even buy a giant playing card deck and give each child an oversized card as a memento. These cards also make great placemats for the party, so they can come in handy in many ways!

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There are many more great Alice in Wonderland party supplies out there, but with the essentials above, you're sure to have a maddening good time at your theme party. No matter if it's an Alice birthday party or a special Halloween bash, when you supply your party right, you'll get grins from your guests that would make the Cheshire Cat jealous. Now that's something to shoot for.