Alice's Chevy Bowtie MirrorThe Signal Side View MirrorThe Blind Spot Alert Rear View MirrorAlice and the looking glass

Just like Alice and the Looking Glass, the automotive mirrors of today are really making some big leaps into the unknown! And we are the lucky ones to benefit from that ride!

Check out the Chevy Bowtie Mirror above - for all of the fortunate ones who believe that Chevy still is number one and American as Apple Pie. A great namesake with its own great logo symbol ( the Bowtie ), this is a perfect addition for the Chevy enthusiast! It is apparently a very high quality product to boot, making it a classy add on to all Chevy, Camaro, Corvette, and Chevy Truck owners! I like it because it takes that plain old rear view mirror that has been around for decades, and goes somewhere new! Classic!

The Signal Mirror also takes us down a whole new rabbit hole! What many of us originally assumed was a flashy device to help all of the over 80 drivers know that their turn signal was STILL flashing, turns out to be much, much more! One of its primary advantages is that it alerts the drivers in your blind spots that you are planning to change lanes or make a turn. With this knowledge, they can then speed up, slow down, honk, or just get out of the way! The LED light is much brighter and flashes more rapidly so that it attracts the attention it deserves! Smart!

The latest little mirror device from Wonderland is the Blind Spot Detection Mirror, which is now available on some new cars from the showroom. Not an aftermarket car mirror, this only comes on new vehicles right now, but still is worthy of a second look. It uses radar sensors mounted toward the back end of the vehicle to pick up other cars in your blind spot. It shows your vehicle and the blind spot vehicle as little lit up icons on your rear view mirror. It is assuming that prior to changing lanes on the Interstate that you actually LOOK at your mirrors. If you are only using it to put on make-up and fix your hair on the way to the office, then you should probably wait for something with a siren and enough flashing lights to singe your eyelids!!! "Curiouser and curiouser!"

So, if you're like Alice, and looking for adventure, you might search around the webstores or the showrooms and check out your latest reflection! You just might like what you see in that car mirror, mirror on your car! "Wouldn't it be nice if something made sense for a change?!!"