"Alien And Lights " by Victor Habbick
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     Look up at the sky at night and try to imagine that we are the only sentient species in the universe. Can you imagine that the entire universe is made up of just us? It would be a pretty boring universe if we were the only game in town; and thankfully we are not. There are many different kinds of alien species out there and many of them have visited earth at one time or another. Over the millennia we have recorded, remembered, discussed and classified the most common types of aliens that have been visiting earth since the beginning of our time.

     This guide will outline the different types of species you may encounter and what you can expect from each encounter; what do they look like, where do they come from, how do they behave, what do they eat, what are they up to and do you want to take them home.  Knowledge is power and it behooves you to know and understand what types of aliens are out there and how to deal with them; lest you start an interstellar incident!

The Small Gray                                                                                     

  • What do they look like? The small gray type of alien resembles a small, very skinny, gray The Small Grayhuman with large black almond shaped slits for eyes, a small chin, small openings for nostrils and a tiny mouth. The size of their cranium is much larger than you would expect of a human that size; similar to babies that have much of their body weight in their heads; having two brains will do that. They are bipeds and stand erect on two legs, are totally gray skinned and hairless. They have very long arms reaching down to their knees and long spindly fingers; two long and two short. However some may just have three fingers. Small feet and four claw-like toes complete the picture.
  • How do they behave? They love technology and distain religion. They are highly logical and any activity which does not have an obvious logical context is confusing to them and they have absolutely no sense of humor and completely fail to grasp poetry of any kind. They move in a very slow, deliberate and precise way, almost giving them the appearance of moving in slow motion. Although they are highly intelligent, they take a long time to make decisions  and are believed to possess a telepathic ability; giving them a certain collective consciousness that they can tap into.
  • What are they up to? They are involved in several very unpleasant activities; abducting humans for genetic experiments and mind programming, using implants to monitor humans, program to focus on creating a human/gray hybrid. These are the types of aliens that were found at a crash site in Roswell, New Mexico.
  • What do they eat? Well, blood and other biological fluids are the mainstay of the small grays diet. They abduct human beings and other types of animals (usually cattle) to make these fluids. Ambiotic water is one of the types of fluids manufactured from the nurturing and protective fluid in a pregnant woman's womb. They love blood plasma and other soft blood rich organs that can be found in the bovine species found mutilated all over the world. They also have a taste for the substance generated by the human brain while we are under stress or in "fight or flight" mode; this is consumed like a recreational drug.
  • Where do they come from? The small gray alien comes from the constellation of Zeta Reticuli, which is about forty light years from earth. Their home world is the fourth planet around the second star of Reticuli; which can only be seen from the southern hemisphere at night.
  • Do you want to take them home? Absolutely not! Your body fluids and soft tissue would be on the menu for dinner and that would not make for a pleasant experience.

The Large Gray

  • What do they look like? As you would imagine, they are much larger versions of the small grayLarge Greys alien. They stand between six and eight feet tall; erect standing bipeds with no hair, eyelids and extremely pale gray skin. It is suspected that these aliens might be a hybrid between the small gray aliens and a taller race of beings due to their more prominent nose and facial features.  
  • How do they behave? They are similar in behavior to the small gray aliens; however they are much less vicious towards humans yet they are still considered hostile to the human race.
  • What are they up to? The large gray aliens are the overseers of the small gray aliens. They are also known for their diplomatic skills in treaty negotiation. It is widely known that it was the large gray species of aliens that met with President Eisenhower in nineteen fifty-four and formed the Greada treaty between the gray aliens and the United States of America; giving the grays permission to abduct cattle in exchange for technology. They also share the same predisposition for genetic experiments and mind control as their smaller counterparts.
  •  What do they eat? Their diet is extremely similar to the small gray aliens.
  • Where do they come from? They originate from a planet orbiting a massive red star called Betelgeuse in the Orion constellation; which is four hundred and twenty-seven light years from earth. The star is viewable after midnight between east and south east in the northern hemisphere.
  • Do you want to take them home? No, similarly to the small grays, you may end up on the dinner menu. They also are reputed to have a very bad smell.

The Indigenous Reptilians

  • What do they look like? They stand between seven and eight feet tall and as one would expect, The Indigenous Reptilianshas the look of a reptile yet are still erect standing bipeds. Their heads are slightly conical in shape and have two bony ridges running from their brows to the back of their oblong skull. They breathe through two small slits that appear in the nasal area and there are small openings on each side of their heads but no ears to speak of. Their eyes are vertically slit pupils usually surrounded by a orange, flame like, color. Their mouths are very wide and lip-less; containing various types of teeth as well as small fangs. Their skin is usually greenish brown or light gray in color and is scaled. Their bodies are lean and firm with powerful arms and legs; including three fingers on each hand with an opposable thumb. Their feet have three clawed toes plus one sticking out the back of their legs just above the ankle.
  • How do they behave? The ruling class of the reptilians consider themselves to be the actual makers of the earth and consider humans to be an infestation of squatters on their lands. They have absolutely no care, compassion or concern for the human race.  The common class can be friendly provided that you allow them to speak first. They are very polite and courteous however still consider humans as potentially hostile; unable to contemplate the idea that humans might be trustworthy.
  • What are they up to? The common class is generally used for physical labor and they possess a very strong work ethic yet do not possess the concept of time like humans do; it is much less important to them.
  • What do they eat? Reptilians dine on insects, meat(raw), fruit and a very large assortment of vegetables. Some of them have learned how to enjoy cooked meat, but it is an acquired taste.
  • Where do they come from? They are indigenous to Earth.
  • Do you want to take them home? It is possible to invite a common class reptilian home but only if you have already established a feeling of trust between the two of you. You would also have to be totally subservient and only speak when spoken to.

The Draco Reptilians

  • What do they look like? There are two types of Draco Reptilians; the Kayak and the WarriorThe Draco Reptilians Caste. Pictured to the right is an example of the warrior caste who stands a biped between seven and eight feet tall and is feared through the galaxy for its fighting ability.  They have vertical slits for pupils and have skin very similar to the lizard species of earth. The Kayak are the royal line of the Draco reptilian race and are thought to stand between fourteen and twenty feet in height; weighting in at up to eighteen hundred pounds. They possess winged appendages and look a lot like a dragon.  The warrior caste also possess wings that are composed of long, thin, spiny bones or ribs that protrude out of their backs covered in leathery dark skin. Some Dracos also have horns protruding from their foreheads that are conical in shape and have blunt tips. The Draco also has a much more athletic build than other reptilian beings; their upper bodies being very lean and muscular.
  • How do they behave? They are incredibly intelligent, have clairvoyance and can be very sinister. They believe themselves to be the first sentient beings in the galaxy and most other races are a result of them seeding other worlds with their biological offspring. Therefore they naturally see themselves as the rulers of all reptilian controlled worlds such as the earth; viewing humans as an inferior species.
  • What are they up to? These aliens command the earth based (indigenous) reptilians. It is interesting to note that the indigenous reptilians are in charge of the large aliens who in turn control the small grays. The Dracos are primarily interested in the extraction and efficient use of earth's natural resources. It is also well known that the Draco reptilian species is involved with controlling human beings at the very highest levels (and offices) of our society; controlling institutions and our financial systems.
  • What do they eat? Their diet is very similar to the indigenous reptilian; including fresh raw meat.
  • Where do they come from? The Draco reptilians originate from a planet orbiting a star called Alpha Draconis; that lies between Ursa Minor (little dipper) and Ursa Major (the big dipper). View able in the northern sky, it lies between north and north west and is two-hundred and fifteen light years from earth.
  • Do you want to take them home? No, the Kayak would be far too large to fit in your house and the warrior caste has ten times a normal humans strength; giving them the ability to squash you effortlessly.

The Sirians

  • What do they look like? The Sirians are very human like in appearance, being erect standing The Siriansbipeds, yet have a very reptilian look to them. Their skin color varies from red and beige to black. Their incredibly high forehead gives their heads a conical appearance. Their eyes are reptilian in nature.
  • How do they behave? Their interests primarily lie in politics and have no religion.
  • What are they up to? They are the primary contact for the exchange of technology between them and our shadow governments. Projects such as inter-dimensional travel, time travel, and were rumored to be involved in both the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project. The object of the exchanges of technology being the protection of the United States (and participating countries) from future alien threats. It is also claimed that the Ebola virus was given to the shadow government by the Sirians.
  • What do they eat? Sirians only eat fresh vegetables.
  • Where do they come from? Sirians make their home on a planet near the star Sirius B; viewable in the northern hemisphere at about 5am in a southerly direction just above the horizon. Sirius B is only eight point six light years from earth.
  • Do you want to take them home? Yes, it's possible (if their appearance is not to alarming) to interact with Sirians on a social level.

The Arian/Nordic or Pleiadians

  • What do they look like? They appear quite human and are so named because they resemble The Nordicpeople from Nordic, Scandinavian or Arian regions; their hair is blonde and eyes blue. They are very tall at eleven to thirteen feet and are very attractive and statuesque.
  • How do they behave? They will not break the universal law of non-interference with less technological (and emotional) advanced races. They believe that different races should not interfere with each other, either to help out or otherwise. They also possess a very high regard for all of life in its many forms.
  • What are they up to? They choose to just observe the human race and attempt to maintain harmony between the different galactic races.
  • What do they eat? They are primarily vegetarians but on occasion will eat some meat.
  • Where do they come from? The Nordics come from the Pleiades star cluster inside the constellation of Taurus. This is view able in the northern hemisphere after midnight between east and southeast. The Pleiades star cluster is  three hundred and eighty five light years from earth.
  • Do you want to take them home? Yes, absolutely you can take one home; they are polite and will not interfere with human affairs.

The Anunnaki

  • What do they look like? They can be very large and vary in height from six to eight, and The Anunnakisometimes nine, feet. Otherwise they are very human in appearance.
  • How do they behave? They are religious but not necessarily benevolent; they have been known to become violent.
  • What are they up to? They periodically return to the earth to determine how effectively humans are using the natural resources. The Anunnaki are reputed to be the race that visited earth about three-hundred thousand years ago and spliced their DNA with an earlier form of human to create the homo-sapiens we are today. They created us to perform their mining activities on earth and for our beginnings, we were their slaves. They are also involved in influencing long term human evolution through the use of elite groups, systems and institutions. They are in competition with the Draco reptilians for control of our precious earth.
  • Where do they come from? The Anunnaki originate from a planet called Nibiru, a undiscovered planet in our solar system on a highly elliptical orbit that lasts three-thousand and six hundred years.
  • Do you want to take them home? It's possible to take one home without incident. They are very human in appearance besides being very tall and having no reputation for violence.

     There are many different kinds of alien beings other than the ones I have described. However these are the most common and a lot of other types are cross breeds between an alien species and human beings. The information presented here is merely a fraction of what the US government has hidden away in secret vaults beneath your very feet!

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