Alien workshop skateboards are produced by the Alien Workshop Company that was founded in the year 1990 by two people called Mike Hill and Chris Carter. The company is based in Ohio, which in itself is unique because most skateboarding companies are based in California.

The latest models, the Rob Drydek pro is readily available and are a good choice for those that wish to enjoy the best skateboarding experience. Recently, Alien Workshop has tied up with the Andy Warhol Foundation in order to produce exceptional quality alien workshop skateboards called the Andy Warhol X models.

The salient point about these skateboards is that they each feature works from Warhol and more particularly from his Death and Disaster Series. Included in these models, there are in fact, five different skateboard decks that feature Pop iconic works and each of these designs features some of the best pro skateboarders who have been sponsored by Alien Workshop.

It is easy to purchase these boards, each of which is being sold in customized board boxes which are packaged according to Warhol inspired sculptures from the sixties. These artistic designs are what make skateboards from Alien Workshop so unique.

Some of their skateboards make use of traditional seven ply while others make use of corrugated technologies and in addition they also sell Ultralight skateboards. Best of all, you can pick up their attractively priced skateboards that have fewer features, but which are nevertheless a good buy anyway.

With the evolution of skateboards coming a long way, the time has come when you no longer need to rip off popular art and use it to embellish your skateboards. Today, Alien Workshop is offering Andy Warhol art on their skateboards that is genuine and very unique and highly attractive.

Each of these Warhol inspired skateboards from Alien Workshop are extra special because it is not possible or even easy to get Warhol art legally in any other way. When it concerns shopping for alien workshop skateboards, there are numerous online and local shops that are selling these items.

If you are looking for the Rob Drydek skateboards you will find a few options that are worth checking out.

The Alien Workshop Rob Drydek Soldier Signature is available for about fifty plus dollars while the Alien Workshop Rob Drydek Signature Small Complete Skateboard with essential trucks and essential wheels is available for roughly double the price. These are but a small sampling of what you can expect from a well known company such as Alien Workshop.