The Desire For Friendship ?

Throughout the course of history, humans have always been fascinated by space. From the Ancient Greeks to Galileo and  to the astronauts of our time, the desire of people to study and observe space has been passed down from generation to generation. The Aliens were always a magical figure with super-powers and limitless resources, such that their enmity would kill you and their friendship will benefit a lot. So would you like to be the friend of aliens ? Apparently the USA government  is, and probably the start of friendship began with the Rosewell incident, where some aliens suddenly found themselves in no state but to co-operate with the humans.  

The Rosewell Incident

On the evening of July 2nd, 1947, a flying saucer crashed on the Foster Ranch near Corona, New Mexico. This crash occurred during a severe thunderstorm. The military base nearest to the crash site is in Roswell, New Mexico; hence, Roswell should have been more closely associated with this event, but the saucer and the aliens were all taken to US top secret site, which has now come to be known as Area-51, or Groom Lake or Dreamland. This crash resulted in the damaged flying saucer and six aliens dead with possibly four alive , who after initial medical care appeared fit and healthy. And probably these four are working in the Area 51, along with many more.  (For more on Roswell incident please see-

Rosewell Crash retrievel(87508)Credit: - GoogleOn one hand this was a tragedy for the aliens that their saucer got damaged and six of the ten aliens died. On the other hand it was a wonderful thing which happened to the United States. They had a damaged saucer, which could easily be repaired and duplicated into any numbers, with or without the help of aliens, and also they had four fit aliens, who probably could not go back to their land without  the saucer and the help of Americans. What  even if the Saucer is “fit to travel”  they may still not be able to go back because they have lost their Pilot or the Navigator. So why not settle in peace with this race? and thus they were glad to help Americans in the repair of the flying saucer. Their “readiness to help”, resulted in the transfer of technology to make the flying saucers and God know what else. (Also see- The video below shows us a glimpse of what happened to the aliens after the crash, but is also a clear proof that some were alive. 

President Eisenhower Met Aliens thrice.

The details of the Presidential meeting are already given in an other article with above quoted President Eisenhower Meets The Alien(87506)Credit: – Googlereferences.  The President met with the Alien race of “Grey”. Those working in Area 51 are “Grey”, and if you listen the above video carefully , the man says that ,”Few thousand aliens are helping USA in various projects”. Indicating very clearly that in the Presidential meeting, some kind of “Co-Operation agreement “ did take place. Otherwise those “Greys” meeting president could at least take away their four “Greys” who got bruised in Rosewell.

Three Alien KidsCredit: – GoogleSuppose they have agreed to co-operate , and suppose they are in reasonably large number, then few questions arise about their accommodation. Obviously the USA government has to arrange their food and lodging. If that happens, then it raises the question of their having sex and multiplying in number. This is positively happening, for we can see on the net, the picture of alien kids, and also the videos of many aliens found around area 51 in the desert area. 

Technology Transfer gives Big Boost

Although everything in and around area 51 is being kept as top secret, if aliens are co-operating, then the emerging technologies are sure to be a big boost for the country of America. Technology on this planet is still very young, so any life form which can approach us in the universe, it is extremely likely to be more advanced than ourselves. Thus the benefits of having aliens on your side. This in many ways shall benefit mankind. The space technology was once a “top secret”, but because of space travel, we found hundreds of technologies benefitting people of the universe. Same shall be the case with more alien-aided technologies. And hopefully all this shall benefit humanity.