Alienware makes an excellent line of gaming laptops and desktops. A couple years back I was introduced to the world of Alienware and immediately set to making the laptop online and having it shipped to my house. It ran me up quite a bit of cash, but I can tell you that after two years, without a single upgrade, this laptop is still a gaming powerhouse. Not only is it a very pretty computer, with the glowing keyboard and other bits, but it's well-suited for all types of gaming. The keyboard is set up in such a way that you can reach all the keys you need, almost all of them with just one hand if you really needed to, so keybinding for any game is really simple. It's a bit heavier than most laptops, and the power is a bit tight, but it's already been fine-tuned for the process. All of the tweaking you need to do has been done for you, so if you're not so tech-savvy, this might be a lovely laptop for you to use if you want the pure gaming power. A few things I'd like to recommend:

  • Always keep it elevated. Sit it on a computer fan or somewhere else to keep the air flow clear, otherwise you risk overheating it. The computer runs a bit hot during CPU-intensive games.
  • Try to avoid tugging on the power cable. The cable that comes with the computer in the first place is a little fidgety, meaning that it's very prone to coming apart and the cable itself fraying and sparking, risking a complete fry of your computer. This is bad.
  • Always try to keep the keys clean. I know it's a bit difficult when you're in the middle of a raid or dungeon and want to eat some chips or something, but do try and keep your fingers and the keys clean.
  • Switch the color scheme often. If you keep the color scheme the same for a long period of time, the lights tend to dull for that color and even begin to stain the keys themselves.

Otherwise, I completely recommend purchasing one of these computers. It's all the pleasure of gaming with none of the drawbacks of fine-tuning or maintenence.