Several people have complained about the new editor in the forum and one of the concerns were about images so I thought I would make a small HowTo article about it. I am going to show you:

  • how to add an image in your InfoBarrel article
  • how to resize it
  • how to align it

1. How to Upload an Image

Here is the way I do it. First add a text element where you will be able to write some text, etc...

Then, add an image in this text element by clicking on the "Images" tab.

InfoBarrel Image 1Credit: Adragast

Three choices come to you:

  • Article Images: this is for the images you have already uploaded for this article. It is empty if you haven't uploaded an image yet
  • All Images: these are all the images you have uploaded so far at InfoBarrel. Again, empty if you have never uploaded any images so far
  • Upload: this is what I am going to show you today. It is to upload an image

Upload options:

It is pretty straight-forward:

  • Image Title: the title of the image. For example: "Sunset in the Bahamas"
  • Image Credit: important if the picture you are using is not yours. For example: "" NB: giving credit to a photo is not enough to ensure you have the right to use it. Be careful about what licence is linked to the photo. In doubt, ask in the forums
  • Image Description: you can for example insert here what licence is used (Public Domain) or any comments you want (this is a picture from my trip to the Bahamas, photo reproduced here with the kind permission of X,...).

When finished, click on "Upload". You have now uploaded a picture and you can go to the next step.

2. How to Insert the Uploaded Image in a Text Module

In the "Images" tab, "Article Images" sub-tab, you should now have the picture you just uploaded. But how to insert it in your article?

First make some space where you want to insert the image. For example one or two extra blank lines. Then, position the cursor at this place. And finally, use the "Insert" Button

InfoBarrel PictureCredit: Adragast

3. How to Resize the Picture

Now, you are in the good direction. The picture is uploaded and inserted in your article. But, what if you want to resize it?

Nothing easier (when you know it). Right click on the picture and select "advanced.image_desc".

InfoBarrel Resizing PhotoCredit: Adragast

You then have a box which appears. Select the tab "Appearance". Enter for example the desired width.


InfoBarrel Change Image SizeCredit: Adragast

If you tick the "Constrain Proportions" option (recommended), you only have to specify 1 parameter and IB will calculate the other parameter accordingly.

I generally use a width of 300 or 400, depending on my intention.

Click on Update. Don't worry too much about the Warning message. You can also change the size again if you are not happy with it (test several times).

4. How to Align an Image

Now that the image is uploaded, inserted in your text module and resized to your need/taste, you only need to choose the alignment.

Simply click on the it. The text editor bar on the top (the one you use for text in general) has some alignment options 

InfoBarrel Align ImageCredit: Adragast

This should allow you to choose between middle, right or left alignment.


Congratulations, you are now able to add some illustrations to your articles! If not, don't hesitate to ask for some more clarifications.

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