Massive biceps of The ReemAlistair Overeem is the current Strikeforce Heavyweight champion, DREAM Heavyweight champion and K1 World Grand Prix kickboxing champion. He has fought the very best in the business including Vitor Belfort twice, Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua, Rogerio Nogueira and Chuck Liddell.

He is a mountain of a man weighing in at 265 lbs of lean muscle. Alistair was not always this large though. He used to compete as a light heavyweight at 220 lbs. After feeling the effects of cutting weight and believing the heavyweight division would be a more natural weight class for him, Alistair followed an extreme workout and diet routine to add 40 lbs of lean muscle to his gargantuan frame.

Alistair Overeem muscle growth

The results are impressive and Alistair boasts one of the best physiques and most intimidating presence in the fight game. So just how did Alistair Overeem add 40 lbs of lean muscle mass and still maintain the speed, agility and flexibility required to be successful in the fight game.

Alistair Overeem Workouts

Alistair Overeem uses a combination of strongman exercises, plyometrics and speed and agility training to build his size and strength.

Strongman exercises are fantastic for building true full body strength. These exercises include the Farmers Walk, tyre flips and lifting concrete Atlas balls (a favourite of ‘The Reem’).

Strongman exercises require you to lift and move irregular shaped objects which produce more functional strength gains. Concrete Atlas balls are a great example of this. Alistair lifts balls weighing 220 lbs and because they are round they can be very difficult to grip and handle.

Plyometric exercises such as squat jumps and burpees are included in his workouts to maintain his speed and power.

Alistair is also a fan of DTP (Dramatic Training Principal) and claims it is a big reason behind how he has maintained his speed and agility whilst increasing muscle mass.

DTP is about working to failure. It is made up of 10 sets of a chosen exercise. For the first 5 sets the repetitions are 50, 40, 30, 20 and 10. This is then repeated in reverse for the final 5 sets 10, 20, 30, 40, 50. 45 seconds rest is allowed between sets and the sets must work to failure.

It is similar to German Volume Training (GVT) but uses less weight and more repetitions to put the emphasis on speed and power rather than muscle size.

DTP is an extreme workout that should only be used by those training regularly and a maximum 3 times a week.

Alistair Overeem DietAlistair Overeem with admiring Japanese girls

Alistair Overeem’s diet is one of the most talked about diets in the sport of MMA. Exactly what did ‘The Reem’ eat to pack on 4 lbs of lean muscle?

Alistair claims to eat 8 meals a day including 4 protein shakes in between.

His diet consists of a lot of meat. Alistair is a self proclaimed lover of meat and eats everything from ostrich, shark fillet, sushi and even horse meat. This love of meat results in a whopping €200 monthly bill on meat alone.

It is important that ‘The Reem’ eats plenty of vegetables to balance out the volume of meat he is consuming. This is especially relevant at this time with the news of the postponement of the Brock Lesnar and Junior Dos Santos fight due to the reoccurrence of Diverticulitis in Brock Lesnar. Proof that a diet lacking in fruit and vegetables is not healthy.

Alistair eats plenty of vegetables and eats them raw whenever possible for maximum nutritional benefits. One of his favourite dishes is a dish that his mum used to make called ‘Dutch Boerenkool’. This is a dish made with meat, potatoes and cabbage.