Alkalizing can help us to feel much more alive, energetic and enthusiastic.

Eating additional fruit and vegetables is often the recommendation of a lot of diets. They contain some different vitamins and minerals in addition to water. The alkaline acid diet is the same. Improving the body's pH balance helps give us a greater feeling of well being due to eating alkaline foods. Fruit and vegetables are the principal alkaline foods. It is not suggested that other foods be avoided, rather that we simply try to eat higher amounts of alkalizing foods. The archetypal Western diet that we eat today, high in meats, sugars and dairy has an acidifying effect on the body. This can cause a range of health consequences.

To start following the alkaline acid diet there are many different avenues to explore. There are a wide variety of green drinks that alkalize sold at present. Powdered alkaline drinks are available to buy from health food shops while we can pick up fresh vegetables from the supermarket. On top of these there is also wheatgrass which can be purchased fresh, in powdered form or as pills. Wheatgrass is a superfood. Making drinks at home means we must have our own juice extractor. Buying a juice extractor requires some consideration as they are expensive. To be able to consume the quantities of fresh fruit and vegetables I want, I required a juice extractor. There is nothing like your own homemade juices. Powdered drink formulas and pills do have their benefits, they are easier to prepare. Though for me I would rather drink the fresh alternative. It simply comes down to personal partiality. And I am partial to my fresh green drinks. I must admit that when I first started drinking them they tasted wrong. Fresh and powdered green drinks are a great source of alkalizing vitamins and minerals.

Knowing how good these drinks are for us helped me to continue drinking them even though my taste buds were against it. But as I continued I found that I actually started enjoying them more and more. The more you drink, the better they taste and the greater alkalizing effect it has on the body.

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