Why Every Honeymoon Should Be Booked At An All-Inclusive Resort

What does all-inclusive mean?

The all-inclusive moniker first originated at Club Med resorts in the 1905s and has become a very popular method of booking vacations.  With an all-inclusive package, customers are will pay a single up front fee for an entire vacation.  Contents of these packages will vary from resort to resort, but the up front cost will generally include all meals, alcohol, room accommodations, and transfers to and from the airport.  Oftentimes, resorts will even wrap airfare into the final price, making booking your vacation easier than ever.  Local tours and trips, spa packages, and other levels of upgraded service are generally not included with all-inclusive packages. 

A Personal Anecdote

Dinner At "Arizona's" On the Water - Sandals Ocho RiosWhen I began searching for a honeymoon destination with my fiancée, we decided that all-inclusive resorts were not for us.  We assumed that the prices were higher simply due to all the "free" alcohol that was included with the all-inclusive label.  With neither of us are big alcohol drinkers, we felt our money could be better spent elsewhere.   

Eventually, my fiancée and I wound up booking our honeymoon at a Sandals resort in Ocho Rios, Jamaica--an all-inclusive resort that was within our price range.  When we first arrived in Sandals, the staff told us to put our wallets away. We were not to tip any of the staff.  Our food was all taken care of. Our refreshments were all taken care of. We would truly have a carefree vacation without the worry of a budget.

During our first meal at Sandals, our perspective quickly shifted as we realized the immense benefits of staying at an all-inclusive resort.   Our server politely asked us what desserts we would like. As is our usual custom, we chose to split something since we are both frugal people. The server then gave us a funny laugh obviously thinking that we were crazy to only order one dessert. By the time we put our forks down after the meal, we realized we could have had as much sugary goodness as we desired.

For the rest of our stay, we never had less than three different desserts per meal.

The Benefits of going All-Inclusive

As illustrated in the story above, staying at an all-inclusive resort means that you can eat and drink as much as you want.  Throw that budget and penny-pinching out the window.  Certainly, the initial price of an all-inclusive resort might seem hard to swallow when compared to other resorts, but you will save big money and hassle with an all-inclusive stay. 

Imagine not having to leave your resort to eat.  Imagine not worrying about tipping your waiter.  Imagine a delicious and romantic meal without the stress of paying a large bill at the end of the night.  Yes, you might not get to experience as much of the local culture as you would like.  Yes, you might not drink alcohol.  But is it worth the hassle?  Is it worth the worry of purchasing a rental car or flagging down a taxi just to grab a bite to eat? 

Going all-inclusive is just easy.  What more could you want from a vacation—a time when you are supposed to relax! 

The Cons of going All-Inclusive

If you pay for an all-inclusive vacation package, you will be stuck eating the food served at your resort for the entirety of your stay.  With this being the case, you had better hope that the food is good where you are staying.  Generally, a quick Google search will reveal reviews of many vacation destinations.  Be sure to look these over before booking with any resort.  Also, if you are a picky eater or just like a variety of choices, be sure to find a resort that has a number of restaurants that serve different types of cuisine. 

As stated above, when you go all-inclusive, you are pretty much stuck with your resort’s food choices.  This, however, does not mean that cannot venture off of resort property to find a great local restaurant.  These special “nights-on-the-town” are not uncommon for guests of all-inclusive resorts.  If experiencing the local culture is important for you, make it a priority to eat out or take a local tour. 

The Verdict

If I could, every vacation that I take in the future would be to an all-inclusive resort.  Of course, stateside vacations will not offer all-inclusive accommodations, as the all-inclusive moniker is generally reserved for tropical locales.  So, if you are thinking about a tropical vacation or if you are planning a honeymoon, there is really no other choice than to go all-inclusive. It is a no hassle, worry free way to get the most relaxation out of holiday retreat. 



  • All meals and drinks were 100% paid for. 
  • No travel is necessary outside of your resort. 
  • No need to worry about a vacation meal budget. 
  • Can eat and drink as much as your heart desires. 


  • The up-front price can seem significantly more than an a la carte vacation. 
  • Less opportunity to experience the local culture and food.