So you’re thinking of a tropical vacation? Having a hard time deciding which resort or package will best suit you? This article's goal is to help you make your first few major 
decisions that will cut a lot of the noise in your search for the perfect tropical vacation package. When making your decision you should understand a couple of concResortepts: The first is that your going to the tropics, there really is no bad decision. Second, there is no cookie cutter answer; what one person may find to be the best fit for them, another will find completely annoying. So how do we come to the right solution for you? All you need to do is ask yourself three simple questions:


1.) Do you enjoy bottomless drinks on your tropical vacation?               


All-Inclusive resorts allow you drink when ever, where ever (on the resort), without a running tab to pay for at the end. So if you like a cocktail, or two, or even 20, the All-Inclusive option will definitely give you a bigger bang for your buck. On the flip side, if rum does not hit your fancy, there is a significant price difference between the all-inclusive and non all-inclusive packages. If you don’t plan on consuming large amounts of alcohol, save your money for other entertainment options. 




2.) Do you prefer large quantities of food with less variety or would you prefer experimenting with the local cuisine?


Seafood Bar

All-Inclusive resorts will have large, all you can eat bars during a majority of the day for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and twilight snacks. If you are taking a longer tropical vacation, these bars can lack enough variety to keep you from getting tired of repetitive food selections. Another major positive of eating on the resort is you don’t have to worry about food poisoning or most food allergies. Those who like variety, want to immerse themselves in local culture, or if you don’t eat a lot, save yourself some dollars and enjoy picking from all the local eateries.


3.) Do you enjoy creating trip itineraries or do you want to pay someone to do it for you?

 Check List

Some families thoroughly enjoy the months prior to the vacation planning, voting, fighting, and discussing every detail of the vacation. This allows for a unique vacation that takes on the personality of everyone in the family. If the thought of making a checklist for the entire vacation and researching excursion contacts before your trip sounds like a fun activity, then you should lean towards a non all-inclusive vacation. On an all-inclusive vacation, there is some freedom for impulse excursions and resort-provided activities after you have arrived. If you would like to make your trip planning easy, fast, and smooth with some freedom to customize after arrival, then you should invest in an all-inclusive vacation.


Once you figure out if you are investing in an all-inclusive or non all-inclusive package, you are one step closer to your dream tropical vacation. The rest of our decisions will be much easier once you have an idea of the type of vacation package you want. Which ever way you are leaning, after reading this article remember that you are going to the Tropics and you will enjoy yourself no matter what.