All- New X-Men Commentary:

We are in the midst of Marvel Now! which is the re launching of many of Marvel’s major titles under brand new writers and artists. With this comes many of the books being renumbered back to number one making this a great time for new fans and those who have been away from comics to jump on. Marvel announced earlier this year that Brian Michael Bendis (Ultimate Spiderman) would be ending his eight year run on The Avengers and would take over the reins of the flagship X-Men title. Uncanny X-Men would be ending(Bendis is also bringing the title back in February) and in its place Bendis would be writing a title simply called The All-New X-Men.  I was excited to hear that one of my favorite comic book writers would be getting a chance to take over the X-Men but that excitement soon turned to skepticism.

Bendis started talking about the concept behind the All-New X-Men which would feature a story where the original 5 X-Men would be traveling to the present and confronting their present day counterparts. It’s this concept of what would the young versions of us think if they could see us now? Would they be happy with the choices that we have made and what the world has become? The whole concept seemed gimmicky to me and appeared to be a way to bring back Jean Grey to appease certain fans without “resurrecting” her. Did we really need another time travel X-Men story?  I decided that even though I was a huge fan of Bendis, I would have to pass on the All-New X-Men when the book launched in November.  

I stopped by my local comic book store after work on Wednesday to pick up my  books for that week. They had not pulled my books yet so I decided to take a look at what else was on the wall. Sitting there is All-New X-Men #1 which I decided to flip through just for a second. The first thing that grabs me right away is the art. Stuart Immonen’s art is fantastic and immediately brings me back to the fond memories I have as a kid reading Ultimate Spiderman and Ultimate X-Men. Without a second thought I grabbed the book, brought it up to the counter to pay for and it immediately rushed home to read it.

Past and Present Beast

Past and Present Beast Issue 3 Variant Cover

While the time travel story is a little gimmicky it has been a blast so far(Issue #6 is the most current issue as of writing this). Bendis’ devised a good explanation as to why the original X-Men are coming to the future. He also shows that there may be some major repercussions to the space time continuum as a result of their time travel.  There have been some funny moments such as when the two Iceman meet each other and some heartfelt moments between Kitty and Jeane Grey and the two Beasts to name a few. The story is a  progresses slowly spending a great deal of time to develop why the original X-Men have traveled to the present and also developing the characterizations of the two groups.The other side of this story shows what has happened to Cyclops after AVX and the new rebel group he is forming.  Anyone who has read a Bendis title before will be accustom to the pacing of this book.


Check this out/Pass? This has by far been my favorite Marvel NOW! title. It was one that I originally going to pass on and I am glad I gave it a shot. Bendis’ storytelling is a slow burn but worth it and Immonen’s art is phenomenal. If you can only get one title from Marvel NOW! make sure it is the All-New X-Men.

Cover #1

All-New X-Men #1 Cover(128474)