One of the most famous activities in Las Vegas besides the Casinos and quickie weddings is the shows. There are a lot of shows playing in Las Vegas. Some of these shows are World renowned and others are simply tacky ploys to get people into the casino and hopefully spend some money gambling.

There have been a lot of shows throughout the history of Las Vegas and they have changed a lot of the years. Here are the 5 All-time best shows ever in Las Vegas that played on a regular basis. I had to leave Elvis off of the list because his biggest shows in Vegas were when he was fat, out of shape and out of breath. Oh crap…I just compared myself to Elvis and not in a food way. Anyways, here are the all-time top 5 Las Vegas shows.

5. Minsky's Follies- Minsky Goes to Paris


Minsky's Follies was the first show that had topless women. In a State that had legalized brothels and 24/7 gambling with free alcohol a show with topless women should have fit right in. Unfortunately the lawmakers were totally aghast that the Dunes Hotel would have a topless show.

In Today’s World that topless show is seen as classy and during the first show to feature topless girls in Las Vegas and in the entire State was Minsky Goes to Paris which was performed at the Dunes. The first week was a sell-out!

The Dunes Hotel was struggling financially and had what was then considered a bad spot for a Hotel Casino. The Dunes was located on the South Side of the Las Vegas Strip and at the time it was not the busiest or most active part of the Strip. The Hotel needed money and was on the verge of financial collapse so in a fit of desperation they opened up the Minsky Goes to Paris topless show. It was a success and kept the Dunes hotel financially afloat and in operation until 1993 when Steve Wynn had the Dunes imploded so he could build his newest Casino Hotel, The Bellagio. Steve Wynn caused a lot of depression among people who loved the Dunes.

4. The Rat Pack Is Back

GO ahead and judge me but I love The Rat Pack Is Back. The Rat Pack Is Back is a tribute show to the original Rat Pack. After slamming a few beers I feel like they are the real Rat Pack. This is where Vegas purists get judgmental. “How dare you Place a show such as this one the top Vegas shows list?” I can because I like inexpensive shows that are very entertaining.


3. Jubilee

Hot topless babes! Oh Yeah Jubilee makes 4th on the all-time best Vegas shows. Jubilee does not make this show because of the sexy topless girls. Jubilee does not make it because it is a life-changing show. Jubilee makes it because it is currently the longest show in Las Vegas. Garth Brooks might get burned out but not the girls (and guys) who perform in the Jubilee Vegas production. Granted they are not the same girls from when the shoe first opened because that would be awkward to have women that are 50-60 dancing topless, but then again there are a lot of snowbirds that come to Las Vegas in the wintertime. I know I would go see the show. If someone told me while I was drilling that a bunch of senior citizens were dancing topless I would definitely head over there just for the amusement factor. Of course the dancers are replaced n a regular basis to keep the crew young.

Jubilee was started in 1981 and has run ever since. There is also a family friendly option to see some of the shows where the women do not reveal their breasts.


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2. Wayne Newton

I am not hating on Wayne Newton but he is far from the best Vegas singer ever.  Frank Sinatra would have to top the list of best singers ever in Vegas. (Sorry Elvis Fans). Wayne Newton however is very unique in that he is a great signer, has a wide following, and definitely is personified by his role as a Vegas headliner. When you think of Wayne Newton you think of Las Vegas and when you think of Las Vegas you think of Wayne Newton.

Over the years Wayne Newton has probably performed with, opened for, or been friends with more famous singers and entertainers than anyone else. Wayne Newton has had his scandals over the years, but Wayne Newton will always remain a part of the Vegas culture. I am predicting that after Wayne Newton dies that it will become as common to see Wayne Newton impersonators as often as you see Elvis impersonators.


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1. The Rat Pack

The Rat Pack is synonymous with Vegas. The Rat Pack performed countless times in Las Vegas. The Rat Pack performed in Vegas related movies such as the original Oceans 11. The Rat Pack were hot celebrities who were very much in demand, yet they were known to suddenly show up unexpectedly and perform at a casino…for free. I cannot see Garth Brooks performing for free, of course Garth Brooks doesn’t even want his music on Spotify.

The Rat Pack is the number 1 Las Vegas show ever. I do not care if they performed in a stinky bathroom at a gay bar because they were still the best entertainers in Las Vegas. The Rat Pack consisted of Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr, Dean Martin, Joey Bishop, and Peter Lawford.

Special Mention

I left Blue Man Group off of the list. Although I really like watching the Blue Man Group perform, there ticket prices are outrageous. The discounted Blue Man Group tickets are harder to get than for most other shows, even when a show is far from sold-out. Even when Blue Man Group came to Boise, Idaho they wanted an arm and a leg to get tickets. Anybody group who is that commercialized I hate. I do however like the Blue Man Group but I would prefer they give me an extremely cheap ticket to them and then let me blow my money afterwards in the casino like everybody else.

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