Accordion fold curtains are curtains that are stiff and have an alternating fold as they hang. It is a simple zig zag fold that can be manufactured in varying sizes. The fold resembles the fold of an accordion hence the name. 

They can be found in many different types of fabrics including plastic, fabric, vinyl, wood and metal. Depending on the need, accordion curtains can be used as a screen, a divider or a shade.

They have many different purposes and are known by various names or descriptions. Accordion fold curtains are also called folding room dividers, folding accordion doors, accordion sliding doors and folding panel partitions. Accordion fold panels can be permanent or a temporary.

Common Uses for Accordion Fold Curtains

Accordion fold curtains are very versatile and can be used for many different purposes both practical and decorative.  Since they are referred to in varying ways, people use them in many ways. Here is a list of how people can commonly use accordion fold curtains:

  • Room Dividers – Accordion fold curtains are commonly used as Ceiling Mount Accordion Room DividerCredit: Amazon.comroom partitions. You can hang them from tracks you install on the ceiling or can be found in movable partitions for a temporary fix. Using an accordion fold panel as a room divider is a practical way to create a new look in a room.
  • Office Dividers – Accordion dividers are used to separate office spaces. They are frequently used to create many offices from one big space. It is a cost efficient way to rework office space in order to get the most working space available. Desk divider curtains give an office worker a sense of having their own space where they can work more privately and be able to create their own décor to make their work day more enjoyable and therefore probably more productive. This type of accordion divider system is usually a custom installation
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  • Patio or Deck – Another use for accordion fold curtain dividers is to use on a patio or outdoor space. You can block views or neighbors that you do not want to see. Accordion panels can also be used to create a dramatic landscaping scene
  • Transform large rooms – If you have a large studio apartment or wareWallscapes 80 Inch Accordion Fold DoorCredit: Amazon.comhouse space, a wonderful way to create new spaces is by using accordion fold curtains.  They can be purchased in many colors or textures and can add dramatic looks to your space. Basically you are creating rooms without walls.
  • Separate Closet Space – If you have a bedroom without a closet door, an accordion bi-fold door will do the trick. Additionally maybe you need more closet space in your room and an accordion curtain panel can hide your temporary closet space. It is a great way to conceal clothes and other things you would keep in a closet space.
  • Curtains on Windows – Hang your accordion fold curtain on your windows. It will make for a dramatic window treatment that almost appears to be shade or covering.
  • Hide Unsightly Spaces – Probably one of the most common uses for accordion style panels is to create a separate place where you can hide things you don’t want others to see. It makes your space seem more organized because all the disorganization is beExample Of What An Accordion Fold Looks LikeCredit: Amazon.comhind the panel or door. This is wonderful for when you have a small living space and not a lot of storage area.
  • Use as a Door – Retractable accordion doors slide right into the wall. These are often called pocket doors because the curtain is hidden right inside the sides of the wall. You can also hang an accordion door to any entry that you want to block off. Accordion folding doors also can have locks if it is a space you need to lock off. Of course it is not very secure because the door is not solid.
  • Close Off A Laundry Room – If you don’t want your laundry area to be visible to everyone who visits, simply close off the area with an accordion partition or accordion fold door. Keep your laundry area invisible to others especially if you have dirty laundry lying around.

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Buyer's Guide to Accordion Fold Curtains

You can buy accordion fold panels at many do it yourself stores. If you like to shop online you will find a large selection of styles and locations where you can buy accordion folded panels and curtains.

Before you shop determine the purpose of the accordion fold curtains. If you are using them as a window or door you will have to measure the space so you can be sure it will fit. If you are using  them as a room divider you will probably have to decide if you need a custom install for high ceiling offices or a do it yourself project where you can set up the folding doors wherever you wish. Accordion panels are very versatile for use in both home and office settings.