Best Friend Bracelets

Best Friend Bracelets For You and Your Pal

Best friends bracelets are popular pieces of jewelry that match, so you can share them and wear them with your best friend. There are many different types of best friend bracelets, and you can either buy them at local jewelry shops, go online to find great deals on this kind of fun jewelry, or make them yourself with your friend!

Some of the various materials used to make best friend bracelets include plastic, metal and woven fibers of different types. You can decide which kind of best friend bracelets are best for you and your amigo by figuring out what's most important to the two of you: an identical match, comfort, or style.

Metal Best Friends Bracelets - The Top of the Line

When it comes to finding best friends bracelets that match perfectly and have a lovely metallic sheen, accept no substitutes for metal best friend bracelets. These bracelets may have engravings, such as the one pictured above, that feature fun or meaningful phrases about life and friendship. Pick one that has special significance for you and your friend, or pay a little extra and have your metal best friend bracelets engraved and personalized with whatever message you wish. Some popular ideas for engraving best friend jewelry include favorite sayings coined by you and your friend, inspirational messages or quotes, or prayers about friendship and togetherness.

The nice thing about metal best friends bracelets is that they are extremely durable. Metal best friend bracelets are probably the most durable and long lasting of all the different available types of best friend bracelets. You can knock them into walls, drop them on concrete or scuff them against a hard surface and they'll always still be more or less in tact, which is something you can't necessarily say for flimsier plastic friend bracelets.

Metal friend bracelets are also a slightly dressier option. You can wear them out to a dressy event with an evening gown or blouse and miniskirt and your metal friend bracelet will serve as a tasteful accessory to accent your outfit.

Also, many people consider a metal best friend to be a more weighty and substantial gift than, say, a simple plastic best friend bracelet. It really depends on your and your friend's tastes - go with what's going to work for you two.

Plastic Best Friend Bracelets - Spunky and Funky

While you might not exactly get the same kudos for wearing your hot pink best friend bracelet to a dinner party as you would a metal one, there are still many advantages to having a plastic best friends bracelet that recommend this selection.

Plastic best friend bracelets are definitely less expensive, for one thing. You can even find them in large packs of multiple pairs, which is excellent if your intent is to give out plastic best friends bracelets as party favors or to a large class of fellow students. You can also just find a simple pair of plastic friend bracelets for you and your pal and get them very cheap online or at your local jewelry shop.

It's less common to find engraved plastic best friend bracelets, but you still may well find some plastic friend bracelets that have little sayings or phrases stamped into them - you're just not taking any plastic friend bracelet up to an engraver and laying out a quote for him.

The best thing about plastic friend bracelets is that they are usually more vibrant and adventurous in color and design. You can find friend bracelets that have soft cord which some people might find to be more comfortable against their skin than metal. If you do happen to have sensitive or delicate skin, a plastic friend bracelet is going to be lighter and more comfortable in general - you can go outside and play basketball and keep your plastic friend bracelet on whereas you'd definitely want to dump your metal friend bracelet at home before you go out to do some serious b-balling.

Woven Best Friend Bracelets for The Eco-Conscious

There is yet a third option for the diverse friend bracelet family - you can find best friend bracelets that are woven from natural fibers like flax, cotton, or even palm fronds. These are certainly the most delicate of friend bracelets, but some fibers, like hemp, have intensive natural strength that will serve your best friend bracelet needs for many years to come.

These woven best friends bracelets are a fun choice if you and your friend are outdoorsy types and enjoy being with nature. You can sport your wild side and friendship simultaneously by wearing woven best friend bracelets and hopping from tree to tree, but you'll probably have to switch up your accessories when you're dressing up to go out, as woven best friends bracelets probably won't cut the mustard with an evening gown.

If your best friend has a special affinity for a certain locale or place, you can obtain a woven best friend bracelet that was made or grown in that area, and tell your friend in a gift card that their new friend bracelet carries the spirit of their favorite place. Such little touches enhance the overall experience of giving best friend bracelets which is, after all, about making your friend feel special and letting them know you care enough about them to wear a matching icon of your friendship.

Best friends bracelets come in all shapes, sizes and colors, but there's probably one set that's just perfect for you and your closest friend. If you want to pick the absolute best match from amongst all the best friends bracelets out there, you need only to think about what makes your friendship with your best friend unique and special, and then search through your various options in best friends bracelets until you find one that communicates that same thing.

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