It is easy enough to find relics of the past and consider them suitable for gifts on special occasions. However, how often do we actually make an effort to understand the origins of the relic? It is quite rare. However, if we actually try to understand the story behind a particular relic, we end up understanding the value of the little relics and artifacts to a greater extent. One such relic that is fast becoming popular is the famous Morgan Silver Dollar. This silver dollar is not just a regular dollar. It is a dollar that is considered as a symbol of the swashbuckling times of the past of America.

The Origins

If you are thinking of gifting the Morgan Silver Dollar to a person who is close to you, you should know about how it began to be used among people. The Morgan Dollar is inevitably related with the turbulent Gold Rush of the 1840s. When the yellow metal was found in the river basins of the Wild West, prospectors begin to rush towards the frontier. Some two or three decades after the discovery of gold, silver prospectors begin to forge their way to the West. This was when the Morgan Silver Dollar was first introduced in circulation. The new dollar had an important motive.

The US Government had started minting the new silver dollar as a new form of currency for stability. The new dollar was a move to stabilize the wildly fluctuating prices and rates of silver. According to the move of the authorities in the country, there had been a number of centers, which were dedicated to minting the new currency in different regions. Some of the centers were in cities like Denver, Carson City, San Francisco and Philadelphia. These are cities where the currency would be minted in notes and coins and issued to banks and individuals.

From the year 1878 to the year 1904, the Morgan Silver Dollar was extensively used as a means of currency exchange for the American population in general. Given the fact that the dollar was becoming widely used, it was feared by the authorities that it may become completely useless and invaluable. The Morgan Silver Dollar was soon taken back by the authorities and it had made a brief comeback. This was in the year 1921 just a bit before the onset of the Great Depression. However, after that as well, the dollar petered out and went out of existence completely.

The Worth

Many would be thinking that the Morgan Silver Dollar is a relic that has lost all of its value. However, the truth is that the Silver coins do hold a lot of value and worth. The value of the Morgan Silver Dollar is way more than the dollar that is presently in circulation. This is because these coins were made and minted with a better quality make than the coins currently used as an exchange. This is because most of today's coins are made of silver along with other metals like aluminum and tin as well. So, the worth of the coins today is quite valuable and immense.

The Design Of Coins

The coins known as the Morgan Silver Dollar coins have a unique design that makes them truly special. This is because these coins were minted especially for a special purpose. The design on each coin is made up of an image of the Lady Liberty at the center of the coin. There is also an eagle with widespread wings holding an olive branch in its mouth. The symbols themselves are quite metaphorical and symbolic. The Eagle stands for the liberty of the country and it also indicated the newfound freedom. The olive branch also indicates peace and prosperity in the world.

The Grades Of Coins

The Morgan Silver Dollar coins come with different coin grades. The grades vary from low to high. The lowest grade is the grade known as poor or cull coins. These coins are the coins that have gone through the wear and tear extensively. When this happens, the coins end up losing all their signature marks and characteristics. The next grade is that known as Almost Good coins. The Almost Good coins are coins, which may have lost some values but they are good nevertheless. The next grade is that grade known as Almost Uncirculated. This means coins that have not been almost circulated.

On the other hand, there are two other grades of the Morgan Silver coins. One is the brilliant uncirculated. This grade is the level for coins that have not been used in circulation at all. These coins have not been used at all and they remain as beautiful and perfectly formed as before. These coins would make for great gifts as they are genuine and real. Also, the Morgan Silver Coins are coins that come with other grade. The highest grade is known as Proof like Grade. This is for coins that have not been used at all. Thus, these coins come intact and secure with their value.

Where To Buy These Coins

If you have seriously made up your mind to gift some of the Morgan Silver Coins to a special person, you need to know all about the places from where you can buy the coins. You may stumble upon old and decrepit junk stores where you may find some valuable and rare deals on the original coins fresh from those ancient mints. This means that the old stores and joints are great places where you can buy those old coins. You can gift wrap them and gift them to the person who really matters to you a lot. This is one of the ways in which you can gift the Morgan Silver coins to people.

There are also some other places from where you can do the same as well. There may be collectors and people who collect such coins and they may give away the coins for sale. The coins for sale may include some valuable and old finds that are probably quite valuable and high in worth. The coins are coins that can be neatly packed and given to the people. The coins are good enough and most of them may be some genuine coins, which will last for a long time as well. Given its wonderful origins and its intrinsic value and worth, the Silver Coins are worth gifting to people.