What is a candle wall sconce? Well the dictionary definition goes something like this: decorative wall mounted bracket suitable to hold candles or lights. The second meaning is for a flattened candlestick with a handle. Sometimes a sconce is referred to as a scone - no idea why! The sconces seem to have appeared during the Middle Ages. As the movies dramatically show us the wall sconces are used to hold flaming torches to provide light around the castle passages. They were mainly used outside for obvious reasons - the problem of the smoke. But the sconce was born and was used throughout history to providing general room lighting. Candles were used until the advent of gas, then wall sconces became converted to gas and finally when electricity was available, they went electric. The use of wall sconces died down for a time as with the light bulb one main light in the center of the room was fashionable. Today there are many varied styles of wall sconce and they are easily available.

Wrought Iron SconceModern Recycled sconceModern Mirrored Wall SconceWrought ironDragon Sconce

Styles of Wall Sconce

There are many different kind of sconce, here are some of the more common
Wrought iron candle wall sconces
Brass candle wall sconces
Antique candle wall sconces
Glass candle wall sconces
Mirrored candle all sconces
Outdoor wall sconces
Crystal sconces
Art Deco styles
Chandelier styles
Modern styles using varied material including paper(not for use with actual candles though)

Candle Wall Sconces

Candle wall sconces are best used to provide light to a small area that would otherwise be difficult to get light into, or more normally as a feature in their own right. Candle sconces are not able to provide sufficient light for reading, but can add to the mood and ambience very nicely. There are wall sconces that are made to be used with candles or tea lights, and there are ones that have electric or battery operated candles (flame less candles so to speak). The flame less candles can be used with a more varied design of wall sconce and more safely, but with less ambience!

Candle wall sconces are easy to fit- no harder than a picture to hang. Make sure you get the positioning right and take care with drilling any holes. Consider the wall sconces as a feature rather than a light and position them accordingly, but do take into how far they extend into the room and make allowance for head clearance.

However you choose to decorate your house there will be a candle wall sconce to suit. Looking on the internet is one of the easiest ways to see the range of what is available and to get an idea of cost. You even be able to find antique candle wall sconces on EBay!

Good luck