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What Are Claritin Reditabs?

Claritin reditabs is a special over the counter allergy medication that can be purchased at most drug stores and pharmacies. Claritin reditabs provide relief from the allergy related symptoms that cause people the most distress and distraction during difficult high allergen seasons like summer and spring. Common allergy related symptoms are nasal congestion, which can make it difficult to breathe, congested or constricted airways such as the throat or bronchial pathways leading to the lungs, watery and itchy eyes, itchy and running nose, itchy or swollen ears and an uncomfortable over-production of mucous.

The general difference between claritin reditabs and regular claritin medication is that claritin reditabs are designed to dissolve within your mouth instantly after they are taken. This makes it easier to take your allergy medicine if you are uncomfortable with swallowing large pills or unpleasant cough syrup forumlas. It is also designed to quickly disperse the drug through your oral linings into your bloodstream where it can begin to work on its targeted symptoms to reduce the uncomfortable effects of allergens and begin to provide you with relief quickly.

Important Information Regarding the Safe Use of Claritin Reditabs

As with any medication, you need to discuss your drug choices with your primary health care provider. It's important that you make your doctor aware of any other drugs or compounds you are taking, even if you are embarased to discuss them, since many different compounds or substances can interact with your over the counter medications and cause unwanted or potentially dangerous side effects.

Although very unlikely and statistically rare, these severe side effects can occur while you are taking claritin reditabs: allergic reactions which manifest themselves as various skin disorders such as itching, hives, welts, wheals or rash.

Other severe side effects of claritin reditabs include difficulty breathing along with tightness of the chest. In rare cases, swelling of the face, mouth and / or lips may occur. If you or a loved one experience any of this conditions while taking claritin reditabs, stop what you are doing and seek immediate medical attention at a hospital.

What Is Different About Claritin Reditabs?

Claritin reditabs contain loratidine, an antihistamine drug. These tablets are designed to rapidly dissolve on contact with the linings of the patient's mouth, and are suitable for allergy relief both indoors and outdoors.

These tablets are also designed to provide relief from allergy related symptoms without making patients drowsy, since many anti-allergy drugs are notorious for causing intense drowsiness and inability to focus. Claritin reditabs are touted as providing 24 hours of continuous relief from allergy related symptoms such as congestion, watery eyes and itching.

The most unique feature of claritin reditabs is the rapidly dissolving forumlation that allows them to melt instantaneously in your mouth, delivering the drug to your system as quickly as possible and thereby providing faster relief. This capability makes claritin reditabs ideal for travel or work, since you can pop them into your mouth immediately and start feeling better fast.

Buying Claritin Reditabs for Cheap

Although you can find claritin reditabs in pharmacies all over the country, you are probably better off shopping online for a package deal. Many only vendors will bundle together several packs of claritin reditabs and sell them at a discount to customers willing to purchase a lot at one time. Some online vendors will even include free shipping to sweeten the deal. Even though you will find Claritin's own website online, they don't necessarily have the cheapest deals for allergy medications. You want to look for bulk distrubutors that will bundle their allergy medication packages together for the best savings.

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