Collapsible fly fishing rods are one of many types of fishing rods that fisherman have the option of using. Anglers all over the world use different types of fishing rods based on the types of fish they are trying to catch, their preference in style and of course their budget.  Collapsible fishing rods are sometimes known as telescopic fishing rods and can be a great addition to your fishing gear. Collapsible fly fishing rods come in all types and sizes and you can find one for fishing in fresh or salt water. Because of it being small and compact, under many circumstances that could be the only rod you are able to take with you on a fishing trip.

Why Choose A Fishing Rod That Will Collapse?

It would be very difficult to carry around a fly fishing rod that could be ten, fifteen or twenty feet in length. Therefore for simplicity in carrying and to prevent damage, it only makes sense to have your fly fishing rod collapsible. Fishing rods that collapse into sections are very convenient for travel. They are easily broken down to a much smaller size often around 16 inches.  When the rods come in multiple sections it makes it easy to carry on trips so you will always have your collapsible fly fishing rod with you. They may breakdown into just 2 pieces or several more. Additionally they often come with a carrying case that makes for easy transport. Because collapsible fly fishing rods come in variety of price ranges, you will be able to find one that meets just about any budget.

The question then becomes what type of material do you want your collapsible fly rod made of and how long do you want it to be. If you asked the opinion of ten different anglers there is a good chance you may get ten different answers. Since the rod type and size affects the casting and the play of the fish, it should first be determined the type of fish you will be going after. The best collapsible fly fishing rods are made of graphite, bamboo, fiberglass or boron. The material of the rod will definitely affect the price and the amount of action you feel when bringing in your fish.

Fly rods are categorized by numbers. The smaller the number would be for the smaller the fish you’re trying to catch. A number 2 or 3 would be for trout or pan fish where a number 12 would be for much bigger fish such as a pike or tarpon. In many cases you may require more than one fishing rod or it is possible you could find one collapsible fishing rod if the fish are comparable in size you’re trying to catch.

Once you have the correct fly fishing rod for the type of fish you’re after, you’ll want to make sure you are able to cast the fly out to where the fish are. Practice makes perfect in the art of fly fishing so you want to make sure that your rod will do the trick. It’s all about timing and casting when you are fly fishing.

Vintage Collapsible Fly Fishing Rods

Many fishermen like to collect vintage fishing equipment and collapsible fly fishing rods are no exception. I have found many vintage rods at estate sales, garage sales or flea markets. The older rods are often found in surprisingly good condition for their age and usually come in nice cloth carrying cases. You simply break down the rods into their smallest parts and bundle them up in their carrying case.

Ebay is an online auction site where you can find unique pieces of vintage fishing gear. Some of the more expensive rods sold on Ebay are vintage bamboo fly rods. What a find if you happen upon one of those.

Benefits of Buying Collapsible Fly Fishing Rods

  • It is always ready to go. You can keep your collapsible fishing rod in the trunk of your car tucked away in a safe place. This way you always be prepared in case of an unplanned fishing opportunity. Simply open up the trunk and extend your fishing rod to its normal size.
  • If you are camping or hiking, collapsible fly fishing rods are easy to carry. You can tuck it right into you’re the pack of other gear you are hauling and when you need it, you can pull it out for some instant fishing.
  • Less likely to get broken in transit. Because you can break the multi part fishing rod down, you can keep it more secure.

No matter where you buy, collapsible fishing rods are a definite inclusion into most fishermen’s collection of favorite fishing equipment. They will provide you with the convenience of easy transport along with the opportunity to do some exciting fly fishing.