Essiac tea

Essiac tea is an herbal tea that many people claim works as an alternative treatment for cancer and other deadly diseases. Although some people claim that it helps stop and even cure cancer, laboratory studies have shown that essiac tea does not stop the spread of cancer, and in some cases it can even cause the cancer to spread faster. Essiac tea is also market under the name of Flor-essence.

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Although you should not expect essiac tea to cure cancer, there are many other health benefits that you can get from drinking it on a regular basis. One of the best benefits is when you substitute essiac tea for sugary drinks such as soda pop. Instead of building up fat deposits you are instead promoting a more healthy body.

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What's in Essiac Tea?

The main ingredients in essiac tea consist of 4 different herbs. These herbs are Burdock Root, Sheep Sorrel, Slippery Elm Bark, and Turkey Rhubarb Root. When buying essiac tea you may find many different formulas, but most of them will have these 4 main ingredients.

There are many essiac tea testimonials from people who claim that essiac tea can do all kinds of miracles, including curing cancer. Most of these are simply unfounded and some of them are flat out lies. Essiac tea will not cure cancer.

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Rene Caisse

Essiac tea is named after Rene Caisse. Caisse claimed that her herbal formula was given to her Essiac TeaCredit: Image courtesy of Suat Eman at FreeDigitalPhotos.netby an Indian and that it worked to cure cancer. Many people believed that it did cure cancer. The Canadian Government tried to force her to give them the ingredients that were in her tea blend, and she refused to. She later sold the recipe to a company who then tried to sell it. Tests of the product showed that it did not cure cancer and Canada would not allow it to be sold as a medical treatment. The United States also refused to allow essiac tea to be promoted as a medical treatment for cancer. Essiac tea is now only allowed to be marketed as an herbal supplement.

Many proponents of Rene Caisse like to talk about how she wanted to help people and cure their cancer, but it seems that if this was true and she was not simply looking to make money she would have freely given away the information on this herbal blend instead of selling it to a large company for a big profit.

Essiac tea will not cure any major medical conditions such as cancer or AIDS, but there is very little chance of having any negative side-effects. If you cut out sugary drinks and substitute them with essiac tea and other natural teas then you will see a marked increase in your health and be able to shed some of the excess weight that you have been carrying around.

When people promote essiac tea as a wonder drug they are either uniformed or are simply lying to make money off of people. Essiac tea can be a healthy herbal supplement, but if people try to tell you it will cure cancer then they are simply trying to sell you some old-fashioned snake oil.