Eyeliner can be a girl's best friend. Eyeliner is used to emphasize and outline the eyes and comes in an assortment of different colors and forms. Some of the most common eyeliner varieties are the pencil, the liquid eyeliner, pressed and felt-tip or sponge form. Eyeliner allows women to create a line on the upper eyelid that is close to the lashes that makes the lashes look thicker and the eyes bigger.

Eyeliner pencils are made out of a colored paraffin wax or a hard petrolatum oil base plus additives. Eyeliners come in hard and soft varieties. To soften a hard eyeliner heat it up between your fingers or over a heater. To harden a soft eyeliner, put in the refrigerator for several minutes. Or just simply use them as they are! Liquid and pressed eyeliners contain a fatty alcohol called alkanolamine, as well as cellulose, ether, polyvinylpyrrolidone, methylparaben, antioxidants, perfumes and titanium dioxide. That is quite a mix of ingredients and has come a long ways from the Egyptian days when kohl was used as an eyeliner.

Many women prefer a certain type of eyeliner and usually in a color that is the same as their mascara; however this is not a makeup rule. Sometimes using eyeliners in colors that are completely different from the rest of the makeup can give an exotic and fun dimension to the entire look. It takes a steady hand and some practice to develop a perfect line. A sharpened eyeliner pencil and small short strokes across the eyelid can make for perfect eyeliner application. If using powder eyeliner use a small amount on the tip of a clean brush and make the same movements. Wet the brush slightly to give a more dramatic, darker look.

For an eye makeup tip, eye shadows can be used in the same way as powder eyeliner, with an eyeliner brush. This greatly increases the eyeliner colors available. Also, pulling the skin back gently during the application can help make the line smoother. Eyeliner helps complete a sophisticated makeup look for many women, so learning how to do it right and well is key to a polished look.