Learn about the feathers and read one family's review of the As Seen on TV hair feathers.

Hair trends range from choppiness of the Rachel, to the waves of the Farrah and back again. The hottest hair trend, launched in 2010 and popular way beyond then, is feather hair extensions. These extensions even have an As Seen on TV version. Here you will learn about the extensions, how they are put into the hair, what types of feathers they are made of and finally you will learn about our family’s experience with the As Seen on TV version of these trendy additions to your hairdo.

Popularity of Feather Extensions

What was once a trend few dared to sport has exploded into a socially acceptable staple. Feather hair extensions can be found at street fairs, hair salons catering to all ages, and even booths at your local mall. These feathers are both artificial and real, coming from a variety of birds including roosters, peacocks and more. Thanks to artificial colors and dyes the feathers can come in just about any shade you can imagine. They can be found on great grandmothers, and toddlers alike as the trend has permeated so far into society that it is normal and acceptable to have these extensions in your mane.

Types of Feather Extensions

The two primary types of feather hair extensions are real and synthetic feathers. Within these two main types, there are many different categories of feathers. The most popular ones for feather hair extensions, which are rooster feathers that come in natural shades and artificial colors. Rooster feathers are the long, thin, striped feathers that are often installed into hair in groups of two to five. Artificial feathers are popular in these same shapes and sizes and sell well with those who are conscientious about animal-based products as no roosters are harmed from the use of artificial feathers. The feathers featured in the ones advertised and sold via infomercials on television feature a mixture of different types of authentic feathers, ranging from peacock, rooster, and other popular types of feathers.

How Real Feathers are Sourced for Hair Extensions

Because feathers are an animal product, there is some controversy about how they are collected from the birds in question and then put to use in modern hairstyles. The rooster feathers that were arguably the most popular type of extension have two ways of being collected from the birds, one that is relatively humane and another that requires the birds be killed before then plucking the birds. Some feather retailers say their feathers only come from molting birds, which is a natural process that occurs when birds lose feathers and new ones grow in underneath them. If this is the case with the retailer you are ordering from, expect an increased price because there are many fewer feathers available this way compared to the less humane way of sourcing the feathers.

Professional Installation of Feather Extensions

Having a hair feather extension placed in your hair ranges in price depending on what type of feathers are being used and where you are located geographically. Typical pricing ranges from $10-$25. The feather extensions offered on television are advertised as a way to save money and use your extensions multiple times. Some ads even suggest sharing the extensions with your friends, though that is inadvisable without first making sure the extensions are clean and not harboring anything like head lice or their eggs. Professional installation of the extensions is quick and done easily with a loop tool that attaches the extension to the base of your hair. Some extensions stay in for months on end, because they can be washed and styled just like regular hair. If you would rather have the flexibility of being able to install and remove your extensions, or choose a new place to put them every day then the clip in feathers are better for you than the ones that are placed more permanently.

Review of Feather Extensions As Seen on TV

As a mother of a young girl who wanted to try the feather extension trend out, I jumped at the chance to grab the “As Seen on TV” package at my local supercenter. Imagine my dismay, though when they just were not all they were cracked up to be. First, they are not as easy to clip in as pictured or demonstrated. I tried multiple times and never had any true lasting success with clipping them into my daughter’s dense and thick hair. The longest a clip ever stayed for us was a couple of minutes. The other distinct issue with these As Seen on TV feather hair extensions is the design of the extension. Several inches of string separate the feather from the clip, which is fine if you have long hair, but makes it hard to highlight the feathers in a shorter hairdo. For some, these may be good inexpensive and flexible ways to try the hottest hair trend around, but for our family they fell flat.