Findng the best suited foundation is key to one's overall look

Foundation is the first step in putting on makeup, for those that need it- which is nearly every woman. Foundation can do more than just cover up unwanted sights on the face, it can even out skin tones and color, protect the skin from external elements like the harsh climate, dirt pollution and even the sun's UV rays. Foundation does all of this, in addition to concealing imperfections.

There are different kinds of foundations yet can be broadly categorized into oil-free and oil-based. Liquid foundation, stick, tinted moisturizer and powder-to-cream foundation can all be oil-based or water based. Oil-based products usually contain mineral oil and are best suited for normal or dry skin. Oil-free foundation generally gives a more matte surface look, and are usually the favorite of people who have oily skin because oil-free foundation does not clog the pores like oil-based makeup does.

Cream foundations tend to be on the heavier side, giving a fuller thicker coverage, which may be too much for women aiming to achieve a natural look. Liquid foundations are preferred by women over the age of 25 with normal skin. Liquid foundation can give a fresher more youthful look compared to powder foundations which tend to reveal fine lines. Powder foundations are great for women who experience very oily or acne skin. Cream-to-powder foundations start going on silky but end up on the face as a powdery coverage. Many foundations contain sunscreen ingredients, which is a great idea for added coverage.

A person's skin tone will determine her best foundation color. If the foundation color is too light, a person may look to have a chalky or ghost-like appearance. When too dark the person may look as though their face was tanned but the rest of the body was not. The best way to determine a person's foundation color is to make a test line along the jaw, if it blends in and looks like your own skin, then you are good to go. When applied correctly, foundation will create a desired even canvas for all the rest of the makeup to go on, therefore it is a subtle but very important aspect to makeup.